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2006Counseling psychology's positive psychological agenda: A model for integration and inspiration.Linley, P. AlexArticle
2006Developing a categorisation system for rapists' speech.Woodhams, Jessica; Grant, TimArticle
2006Growth following adversity: Theoretical perspectives and implications for clinical practice.Joseph, Stephen; Linley, P. AlexArticle
2003Level of Service Inventory-Revised profiles of violent and non-violent prisoners.Hollin, Clive R.; Palmer, E. J.Article
2006The Level of Service Inventory-Revised profile of English Prisoners: Risk and reconviction analysis.Hollin, Clive R.; Palmer, E. J.Article
2001The Evaluation of the Student Evaluation of Educational Quality Questionnaire (SEEQ), in UK higher educationCoffey, Martin G.; Gibbs, G.Article
2006The role of dopamine in conditioning and latent inhibition: What, when, where and how?Young, A. M. J.; Moran, Paula M.; Joseph, M. H.Article
2003Adaptation to vertical disparity induced-depth: implications for disparity processing.Duke, P. A.; Wilcox, L. M.Article
2006Cluster randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of audit and feedback and educational outreach on improving nursing practice and patient outcomes.Cheater, F. M.; Baker, Richard; Reddish, S.; Spiers, Nicola A.; Wailoo, Allan J.; Gillies, Clare Louise; Robertson, N.; Cawood, C.Article
Jun-2007Long-term outcomes after discharge from medium secure care: A cause for concern.Davies, S.; Clarke, M.; Hollin, Clive R.; Duggan, C.Article