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Oct-2003Service utilisation by children with conduct disorders--findings from the GB National Study.Vostanis, P; Meltzer, H; Goodman, R; Ford, TJournal Article
Aug-2005Group crisis intervention for children during ongoing war conflict.Thabet, AA; Vostanis, P; Karim, KJournal Article
Sep-2009Service utilization by children with conduct disorders: findings from the 2004 Great Britain child mental health survey.Shivram, R; Bankart, J; Meltzer, H; Ford, T; Vostanis, P; Goodman, RJournal Article
Jul-2010Evaluation of quality of life therapy for parents of children with obsessive-compulsive disorders in Iran.Abedi, MR; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Jun-1999Brief report. The overdose process-adolescents' experience of taking an overdose and their contact with services.Dorer, C; Feehan, C; Vostanis, P; Winkley, LJournal Article
Jun-2007Clinical profile and outcome of conversion disorder in children in a tertiary hospital of north India.Ghosh, JK; Majumder, P; Pant, P; Dutta, R; Bhatia, BDJournal Article
Jun-2008Exposure to war trauma and PTSD among parents and children in the Gaza strip.Thabet, AA; Abu Tawahina A; El Sarraj E; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Jan-2011Mental health problems among labour children in the Gaza Strip.Thabet, AA; Matar, S; Carpintero, A; Bankart, J; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Jul-2011Child mental health practitioners' knowledge and experiences of children's educational needs and services.Vostanis, P; Taylor, H; Day, C; Edwards, R; Street, C; Weare, K; Wolpert, MJournal Article
May-2012Children, adolescents and their carers' expectations of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).Ronzoni, P; Dogra, NJournal Article