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Nov-2009Children's specific fears.Meltzer, H; Vostanis, P; Dogra, N; Doos, L; Ford, T; Goodman, RJournal Article
Jul-2006Parenting programmes for behavioural problems: where do tertiary units fit in a comprehensive service?Beeson, M; Davison, I; Vostanis, P; Window, SJournal Article
Jul-2006Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: research and clinical applications.Vostanis, PJournal Article
Dec-2006The development of a scale to discover outpatients' perceptions of the relative desirability of different elements of doctors' communication behaviours.Leckie, J; Bull, R; Vrij, AJournal Article
Nov-2001The relationship between exercise motives and psychological well-being.Maltby, J; Day, LJournal Article
Mar-2004Forgiveness and defense style.Maltby, J; Day, LJournal Article
Mar-2012Mindfulness, functioning and catastrophizing after multidisciplinary pain management for chronic low back pain.Cassidy, EL; Atherton, RJ; Robertson, N; Walsh, DA; Gillett, RJournal Article
Jul-2011Child mental health practitioners' knowledge and experiences of children's educational needs and services.Vostanis, P; Taylor, H; Day, C; Edwards, R; Street, C; Weare, K; Wolpert, MJournal Article
Mar-2011Understanding juror perceptions of forensic evidence: investigating the impact of case context on perceptions of forensic evidence strength.Smith, LL; Bull, R; Holliday, RJournal Article
May-2012Children, adolescents and their carers' expectations of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).Ronzoni, P; Dogra, NJournal Article