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Sep-2011Evaluating hemispheric divisions in processing fixated words: the evidence from Arabic.Jordan, TR; Almabruk, AA; McGowan, VA; Paterson, KBJournal Article
15-Sep-2011An ERP assessment of hemispheric projections in foveal and extrafoveal word recognition.Jordan, Timothy R.; Fuggetta, Giorgio; Paterson, Kevin B.; Kurtev, Stoyan; Xu, MengyunJournal Article
22-Jun-2012A unified bayesian observer analysis for set size and cueing effects on perceptual decisions and saccades.Shimozaki, S. S.; Schoonveld, W. A.; Eckstein, M. P.Journal Article
11-Dec-2013Oculomotor examination of the weapon focus effect: does a gun automatically engage visual attention?Flowe, Heather D.; Hope, L.; Hillstrom, A. P.Journal Article
4-Apr-2012Long lasting modulation of cortical oscillations after continuous theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation.Noh, N. A.; Fuggetta, G.; Manganotti, P.; Fiaschi, A.Journal Article
3-Sep-2013Spatial working memory in immersive virtual reality foraging : path organization, traveling distance and search efficiency in humans (Homo sapiens)De Lillo, Carlo; Kirby, Melissa; James, Frances C.Journal Article
Sep-2013Aging and the control of binocular fixations during readingPaterson, Kevin B.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Jordan, Timothy R.Journal Article
26-Feb-2014Event-related potential N270 delayed and enhanced by the conjunction of relevant and irrelevant perceptual mismatchBennett, Matthew A.; Duke, Philip A.; Fuggetta, GiorgioJournal Article
18-Jun-2015An electrophysiological insight into visual attention mechanisms underlying schizotypyFuggetta, Giorgio; Bennett, Matthew A.; Duke, Philip A.Journal Article