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2010Very Happy Youths: Benefits of Very High Life Satisfaction Among AdolescentsProctor, C; Maltby, J; Linley, PAJournal Article
Aug-2010An interest in fame: confirming the measurement and empirical conceptualization of fame interest.Maltby, JJournal Article
Apr-2008The comparison of predictors of death obsession within two culturesAbdel-Khalek, AM; Maltby, J; Maltby, JJournal Article
1-Jan-2003A clinical interpretation of attitudes and behaviors associated with celebrity worshipMaltby, J; Houran, J; McCutcheon, LEJournal Article
Oct-2009Youth life satisfaction: A review of the literatureProctor, CL; Linley, PA; Maltby, JJournal Article
Aug-2010Hope uniquely predicts objective academic achievement above intelligence, personality, and previous academic achievementDay, L; Hanson, K; Maltby, J; Proctor, C; Wood, AJournal Article
2009Youth life satisfaction measures: A reviewProctor, C; Maltby, J; Linley, PAJournal Article
Feb-2003Applying a social identity paradigm to examine the relationship between men's self-esteem and their attitudes toward men and women.Maltby, J; Day, LJournal Article
Jan-2008Prayer and subjective well-being: The application of a cognitive-behavioural frameworkMaltby, J; Lewis, CA; Day, LJournal Article
Jan-2012A behavioral test of Horney's linkage between authenticity and aggression: People living authentically are less-likely to respond aggressively in unfair situationsPinto, DG; Maltby, J; Wood, AM; Day, LJournal Article