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May-2011Investigating environmental links between parent depression and child depressive/anxiety symptoms using an assisted conception design.Lewis, G; Rice, F; Harold, GT; Collishaw, S; Thapar, AJournal Article
Sep-2011Known risk factors for violence predict 12-month-old infants' aggressiveness with peers.Hay, DF; Mundy, L; Roberts, S; Carta, R; Waters, CS; Perra, O; Jones, R; Jones, I; Goodyer, I; Harold, G; Thapar, A; van Goozen SJournal Article
Oct-2003Depressive symptoms in children and adolescents: Changing aetiological influences with developmentScourfield, J; Rice, F; Thapar, A; Martin, N; Rice, F; Harold, GT; McGuffin, PJournal Article
Oct-2003Negative life events as an account of age-related differences in the genetic aetiology of depression in childhood and adolescenceRice, F; Thapar, A; Rice, F; Harold, GTJournal Article
17-Feb-2009Disentangling prenatal and inherited influences in humans with an experimental design.Rice, F; Harold, GT; Boivin, J; Hay, DF; van den Bree M; Thapar, AJournal Article
2007The contribution of gene-environment interaction to psychopathology.Thapar, A; Harold, G; Rice, F; Langley, K; O'donovan, MJournal Article
Jan-2009Stress, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy: investigating the relationship between psychological factors and seizures.Thapar, A; Kerr, M; Harold, GJournal Article
Mar-2010Adolescent clinical outcomes for young people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.Langley, K; Fowler, T; Ford, T; Thapar, AK; van den Bree M; Harold, G; Owen, MJ; O'Donovan, MC; Thapar, AJournal Article
22-Sep-2010Familial transmission of depression and antisocial behavior symptoms: disentangling the contribution of inherited and environmental factors and testing the mediating role of parenting.Harold, GT; Rice, F; Hay, DF; Boivin, J; van den Bree M; Thapar, AJournal Article
Dec-2011Using a genetically informative design to examine the relationship between breastfeeding and childhood conduct problems.Shelton, KH; Collishaw, S; Rice, FJ; Harold, GT; Thapar, AJournal Article