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Jan-2009Attachment and coping strategies in middle childhood children whose mothers have a mental health problem: Implications for social work practiceWalsh, J; Schofield, G; Harris, G; Harris, G; Vostanis, P; Oyebode, F; Coulthard, H; Walsh, JJournal Article
Nov-2002Mental health of homeless children and their familiesVostanis, PJournal Article
2002Evaluation of a mental health outreach service for homeless familiesTischler, V; Vostanis, P; Bellerby, T; Cumella, SJournal Article
2001A screening questionnaire for mother-infant bonding disordersBrockington, IF; Loh, C; Murdoch, C; Oates, J; George, S; Turner, D; Vostanis, P; Sullivan, MJournal Article
Feb-2006Trauma exposure in pre-school children in a war zone.Thabet, AA; Karim, K; Vostanis, PJournal Article
1-Jan-2003Mental health support for youth offending teams: a qualitative studyCallaghan, J; Young, B; Pace, F; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Jul-2004A family support service for homeless children and parents: users' perspectives and characteristics.Tischler, V; Karim, K; Rustall, S; Gregory, P; Vostanis, PJournal Article
May-2007Mothers experiencing homelessness: mental health, support and social care needs.Tischler, V; Rademeyer, A; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Jun-2004Perceived mother-infant relationship difficulties in postnatal depressionLoh, C-C; Vostanis, P; Loh, C-CJournal Article
May-2009Parenting support and PTSD in children of a war zone.Thabet, AA; Ibraheem, AN; Shivram, R; Winter, EA; Vostanis, PJournal Article