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23-Dec-2012Beliefs in being unlucky and deficits in executive functioningMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Pinto, Diana G; Hogan, Rebecca A.; Wood, Alex M.Journal Article
11-Nov-2014Quality of life of Syrian refugees living in camps in the Kurdistan Region of IraqAziz, Izaddin A; Hutchinson, Claire V.; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
2002Thou shalt worship no other gods — unless they are celebrities: the relationship between celebrity worship and religious orientationMaltby, John; Houran, James; Lange, R.; Ashe, Diane; McCutcheon, Lynn E.Article
2005Intense-personal Celebrity Worship and Body Image: Evidence of a link among female adolescentsMaltby, John; Giles, David C.; Barber, Louise; McCutcheon, Lynn E.Article
2004Personality and coping: A context for examining celebrity worship and mental healthMaltby, John; Day, Liza; McCutcheon, Lynn E.; Gillett, Raphael; Houran, James; Ashe, DianeArticle
Jul-2007Character strengths in the United Kingdom: The VIA Inventory of StrengthsLinley, P. Alex; Maltby, John; Wood, Alex M.; Joseph, Stephen; Harrington, Susan; Peterson, Christopher; Park, Nansook; Seligman, Martin E.P.Article
Jun-2007The cognitive nature of forgiveness: Using cognitive strategies of primary appraisal and coping to describe the process of forgivingMaltby, John; Macaskill, Ann; Gillett, RaphaelArticle
13-Jun-2014Do Student Evaluations of University Reflect Inaccurate Beliefs or Actual Experience? A Relative Rank Model.Brown, G. D.; Wood, A. M.; Ogden, R. S.; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
Mar-2009Gratitude predicts psychological well-being above the Big Five facetsWood, Alex M.; Joseph, Stephen; Maltby, JohnArticle
Nov-2005“With Good Luck”: Belief in good luck and cognitive planningDay, Liza; Maltby, JohnArticle