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Mar-2009Ross programme: Effectiveness with young people in residential childcareCurran, J; Bull, RJournal Article
Jul-2009What really happens in police interviews of suspects? Tactics and confessionsSoukara, S; Bull, R; Vrij, A; Turner, M; Cherryman, JJournal Article
2009From person descriptions to interviewing methods: What can be done to improve child witnesses' testimonies?Kask, K; Bull, RJournal Article
22-May-2009Sensational interests, sustaining fantasies and personality predict physical aggressionEgan, Vincent; Campbell, VickieArticle
7-Apr-2009Sensational interests are not a simple predictor of adolescent offending: Evidence from a large normal British sampleCharles, Kathy E.; Egan, VincentArticle
Feb-2009The relative use of proximity, shape similarity, and orientation as visual perceptual grouping cues in Tufted Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella) and humans (Homo sapiens)Spinozzi, Giovanna; De Lillo, Carlo; Truppa, Valentina; Castorina, GiuliaArticle
Jan-2009Attachment and coping strategies in middle childhood children whose mothers have a mental health problem: Implications for social work practiceWalsh, J; Schofield, G; Harris, G; Harris, G; Vostanis, P; Oyebode, F; Coulthard, H; Walsh, JJournal Article
May-2009Parenting support and PTSD in children of a war zone.Thabet, AA; Ibraheem, AN; Shivram, R; Winter, EA; Vostanis, PJournal Article
2009Assessing comorbid substance use in detained psychiatric patients: issues and instruments for evaluating treatment outcome.Long, CG; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Sep-2009Allocation to offending behavior programs in the english and welsh probation servicePalmer, EJ; Hatcher, RM; Hounsome, JC; Bilby, CAL; Hollin, CR; McGuire, JJournal Article