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May-2009Parenting support and PTSD in children of a war zone.Thabet, AA; Ibraheem, AN; Shivram, R; Winter, EA; Vostanis, PJournal Article
2009Assessing comorbid substance use in detained psychiatric patients: issues and instruments for evaluating treatment outcome.Long, CG; Hollin, CRJournal Article
May-2009"Nuts, schiz, psycho": an exploration of young homeless people's perceptions and dilemmas of defining mental health.O'Reilly, M; Taylor, HC; Vostanis, PJournal Article
Sep-2009Men's and carers' experiences of care for prostate cancer: a narrative literature review.Sinfield, P; Baker, R; Camosso-Stefinovic, J; Colman, AM; Tarrant, C; Mellon, JK; Steward, W; Kockelbergh, R; Agarwal, SJournal Article
Feb-2009Functional representation of living and nonliving domains across the cerebral hemispheres: a combined event-related potential/transcranial magnetic stimulation study.Fuggetta, G; Rizzo, S; Pobric, G; Lavidor, M; Walsh, VJournal Article
Nov-2009Children's specific fears.Meltzer, H; Vostanis, P; Dogra, N; Doos, L; Ford, T; Goodman, RJournal Article
Sep-2009Service utilization by children with conduct disorders: findings from the 2004 Great Britain child mental health survey.Shivram, R; Bankart, J; Meltzer, H; Ford, T; Vostanis, P; Goodman, RJournal Article
2009Attention has memory: priming for the size of the attentional focus.Fuggetta, G; Lanfranchi, S; Campana, GJournal Article
11-Dec-2009The Prostate Care Questionnaire for Carers (PCQ-C): reliability, validity and acceptability.Sinfield, Paul; Baker, Richard; Tarrant, Carolyn; Agarwal, Shona; Colman, Andrew M.; Steward, William; Kockelbergh, Roger; Mellon, John K.Journal Article
Jan-2009Stress, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy: investigating the relationship between psychological factors and seizures.Thapar, A; Kerr, M; Harold, GJournal Article