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Apr-2008The importance of appropriate allocation to offending behavior programs.Palmer, EJ; McGuire, J; Hatcher, RM; Hounsome, JC; Bilby, CA; Hollin, CRJournal Article
2007An adapted version of the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study (PFS-AV) for the measurement of hostility in violent forensic psychiatric patients.Hornsveld, RH; Nijman, HL; Hollin, CR; Kraaimaat, FWJournal Article
Sep-2008The development of a 'best practice' service for women in a medium-secure psychiatric setting: treatment components and evaluation.Long, CG; Fulton, B; Hollin, CRJournal Article
2008Usefulness of the CANFOR-S for measuring needs among mentally disordered offenders resident in medium or low secure hospital services in the UK: a pilot evaluation.Long, CG; Webster, P; Waine, J; Motala, J; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Apr-2008Aggression control therapy for violent forensic psychiatric patients: method and clinical practice.Hornsveld, RH; Nijman, HL; Hollin, CR; Kraaimaat, FWJournal Article
Nov-2007Development of the Observation Scale for Aggressive Behavior (OSAB) for Dutch forensic psychiatric inpatients with an antisocial personality disorder.Hornsveld, RH; Nijman, HL; Hollin, CR; Kraaimaat, FWJournal Article
Mar-2011Dealing with Feelings: the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural group treatment for women in secure settings.Long, CG; Fulton, B; Dolley, O; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Jan-2012Treatment of chronic anorexia nervosa: a 4-year follow-up of adult patients treated in an acute inpatient setting.Long, CG; Fitzgerald, KA; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Jun-2011Women in medium secure care: tracking treatment progress for changes in risk profiles and treatment engagement.Long, CG; Dolley, O; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Jun-1993Social functioning and delinquency: a return to basics.Hollin, CR; Swaffer, TJournal Article