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31-Oct-2011Spatial integration in human geometry learning.Prados, J; Alvarez, B; Reynolds, GJournal Article
Jan-2011Blocking and overshadowing in human geometry learning.Prados, JJournal Article
Apr-2012Psychophysical correlates of global motion processing in the aging visual system: a critical review.Hutchinson, CV; Arena, A; Allen, HA; Ledgeway, TJournal Article
Aug-2010An interest in fame: confirming the measurement and empirical conceptualization of fame interest.Maltby, JJournal Article
Jan-2010Re-evaluating split-fovea processing in word recognition: effects of word length during monocular viewing.Jordan, TR; Paterson, KB; Kurtev, S; Xu, MJournal Article
Feb-2010The association between depression and health-related quality of life in people with type 2 diabetes: a systematic literature review.Ali, S; Stone, M; Skinner, TC; Robertson, N; Davies, M; Khunti, KJournal Article
Mar-2010Substance use, mental health, and relationships: A comparison of male and female offenders serving community sentences.Palmer, EJ; Jinks, M; Hatcher, RMJournal Article
Jun-2010Male rape victim and perpetrator blaming.Sleath, E; Bull, RJournal Article
Jun-2010Institutionally based health care workers' exposure to traumatogenic events: systematic review of PTSD presentation.Robertson, N; Perry, AJournal Article
May-2011Investigating environmental links between parent depression and child depressive/anxiety symptoms using an assisted conception design.Lewis, G; Rice, F; Harold, GT; Collishaw, S; Thapar, AJournal Article