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14-Nov-2017Seeking asylum: Exploring the relationship between postmigratory stressors and mental health for asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers in the UKMorgan, Gareth S.; Melluish, Steve; Welham, AliceJournal Article
15-Sep-2016Hans Eysenck and the Jewish question: Genealogical investigationsColman, Andrew M.; Frosch, Caren A.Journal Article
15-Sep-2016Race differences in IQ: Hans Eysenck’s contribution to the debate in the light of subsequent researchColman, Andrew M.Journal Article
26-Feb-2014Event-related potential N270 delayed and enhanced by the conjunction of relevant and irrelevant perceptual mismatchBennett, Matthew A.; Duke, Philip A.; Fuggetta, GiorgioJournal Article
18-Jun-2015An electrophysiological insight into visual attention mechanisms underlying schizotypyFuggetta, Giorgio; Bennett, Matthew A.; Duke, Philip A.Journal Article
6-Nov-2014The effect of controllability and causality on counterfactual thinkingFrosch, Caren A.; Egan, Suzanne M.; Hancock, Emily N.Journal Article
1-Nov-2013Individual differences in the effectiveness of text cohesion for science text comprehensionHall, Sophie; Basran, Jaskaran; Paterson, Kevin B.; Kowalski, Rebecca; Filik, Ruth; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
2-Jun-2015An inhibitory influence of transposed-letter neighbors on eye movements during readingPagán, Ascension; Paterson, Kevin B.; Blythe, Hazel I.; Liversedge, Simon P.Journal Article
Sep-2013Aging and the control of binocular fixations during readingPaterson, Kevin B.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Jordan, Timothy R.Journal Article
Feb-2015A New Demonstration of the Illusory Letters Phenomenon: Graphemic Restoration in Arabic Word PerceptionJordan, Timothy R.; Sheen, Mercedes; AlJassmi, Maryam A.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
12-Dec-2014The effects of interword spacing on the eye movements of young and older readersMcGowan, Victoria A.; White, Sarah J.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
2015Evidence for feature and location learning in human visual perceptual learningPrados, Jose; Moreno-Fernandez, María Manuela; Mohd Salleh, NurizzatiJournal Article
Oct-2015Question use in child mental health assessments and the challenges of listening to families.O'Reilly, Michelle J.; Karim, Khalid; Kiyimba, N.Journal Article
7-Oct-2015Factor Analysis of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale among a Huntington’s Disease PopulationDale, Maria; Maltby, John; Martucci, Rossana; Shimozaki, Steve; REGISTRY investigators of the European Huntington’s Disease NetworkJournal Article
28-Sep-2015Differences between Completers and Non-Completers of Offending Behaviour Programmes: Impulsivity, Social Problem Solving and Criminal ThinkingPalmer, Emma J.; Humphries, Lisa M.Journal Article
25-Sep-2015Implicit theories of online trolling: Evidence that attention-seeking conceptions are associated with increased psychological resilienceMaltby, John; Hatcher, Ruth; Flowe, H.; Tazzyman, Sarah; Palmer, Emma; Frosch, Caren; Jones, Ceri Chloe; O'Reilly, Michelle; Kneips, Melanie; Buckley, ChloeJournal Article
18-Aug-2015Competitive centipede games: Zero-end payoffs and payoff inequality deter reciprocal cooperationKrockow, Eva M.; Pulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.Journal Article
9-Sep-2015Building a case for good parenting in a family therapy systemic environment: Resisting blame and accounting for children’s behaviourO'Reilly, Michelle J.; Lester, J.Journal Article
5-Aug-2014Blame and accountability in family therapy: Making sense of therapeutic spaces discursivelyO'Reilly, MichelleJournal Article
19-Nov-2014The dichotomy of memantine treatment for ischemic stroke: dose-dependent protective and detrimental effectsTrotman, Melissa; Vermehren, Philipp; Gibson, Claire L.; Fern, RobertJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1059
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