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Title: Parafoveal preview during reading: effects of sentence position.
Authors: White, SJ
Warren, T
Reichle, ED
First Published: Aug-2011
Citation: J EXP PSYCHOL HUM PERCEPT PERFORM, 2011, 37 (4), pp. 1221-1238
Abstract: Two experiments examined parafoveal preview for words located in the middle of sentences and at sentence boundaries. Parafoveal processing was shown to occur for words at sentence-initial, mid-sentence, and sentence-final positions. Both Experiments 1 and 2 showed reduced effects of preview on regressions out for sentence-initial words. In addition, Experiment 2 showed reduced preview effects on first-pass reading times for sentence-initial words. These effects of sentence position on preview could result from either reduced parafoveal processing for sentence-initial words or other processes specific to word reading at sentence boundaries. In addition to the effects of preview, the experiments also demonstrate variability in the effects of sentence wrap-up on different reading measures, indicating that the presence and time course of wrap-up effects may be modulated by text-specific factors. We also report simulations of Experiment 2 using version 10 of E-Z Reader (Reichle, Warren, & McConnell, 2009), designed to explore the possible mechanisms underlying parafoveal preview at sentence boundaries.
DOI Link: 10.1037/a0022190
eISSN: 1939-1277
Type: Journal Article
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