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Title: Differential cardiac responses to unilateral sympathetic nerve stimulation in the isolated innervated rabbit heart.
Authors: Winter, J
Tanko, AS
Brack, KE
Coote, JH
Ng, GA
First Published: 26-Jan-2012
Citation: AUTON NEUROSCI, 2012, 166 (1-2), pp. 4-14
Abstract: The heart receives both a left and right sympathetic innervation. Currently there is no description of an in vitro whole heart preparation for comparing the influence of each sympathetic supply on cardiac function. The aim was to establish the viability of using an in vitro model to investigate the effects of left and right sympathetic chain stimulation (LSS/RSS). For this purpose the upper sympathetic chain on each side was isolated and bipolar stimulating electrodes were attached between T2-T3 and electrically insulated from surrounding tissue in a Langendorff innervated rabbit heart preparation (n=8). Heart rate (HR) was investigated during sinus rhythm, whilst dromotropic, inotropic and ventricular electrophysiological effects were measured during constant pacing (250 bpm). All responses exhibited linear increases with increases in stimulation frequency (2-10 Hz). The change in HR was larger during RSS than LSS (P<0.01), increasing by 78±9 bpm and 49±8 bpm respectively (10 Hz, baseline; 145±7 bpm). Left ventricular pressure was increased from a baseline of 50±4 mmHg, by 22±5 mmHg (LSS, 10 Hz) and 4±1 mmHg (RSS, 10 Hz) respectively (P<0.001). LSS, but not RSS, caused a shortening of basal and apical monophasic action potential duration (MAPD90). We demonstrate that RSS exerts a greater effect at the sinoatrial node and LSS at the left ventricle. The study confirms previous experiments on dogs and cats, provides quantitative data on the comparative influence of right and left sympathetic nerves and demonstrates the feasibility of isolating and stimulating the ipsilateral cardiac sympathetic supply in an in vitro innervated rabbit heart preparation.
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.autneu.2011.08.004
eISSN: 1872-7484
Type: Journal Article
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