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Title: Structure-activity studies of the regulatory interaction of the 10 kilodalton C-terminal fragment of caldesmon with actin and the effect of mutation of caldesmon residues 691-696.
Authors: Huber, PA
Gao, Y
Fraser, ID
Copeland, O
EL-Mezgueldi, M
Slatter, DA
Keane, NE
Marston, SB
Levine, BA
First Published: 24-Feb-1998
Citation: BIOCHEMISTRY, 1998, 37 (8), pp. 2314-2326
Abstract: We have used isotope-edited nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, binding studies, and ATPase activity assays to investigate the interaction with F-actin of the 10 kDa C-terminal 658C fragment of chicken gizzard caldesmon and two site-directed mutants of this fragment. Simultaneous dual-sited contacts with F-actin are observed for the segments of the 658C sequence flanking tryptophan residues 692 and 722. Competition experiments showed that both 658C contacts with actin are displaced by substoichiometric concentrations of the short inhibitory region of troponin-I indicative of different binding sites on actin for these regions of troponin-I and caldesmon. Substitution of caldesmon serine-702 by aspartic acid within the spacer region linking the two actin contacts of 658C led to weaker binding but with retention of equivalent affinity for each interaction site. Differential binding affinity of the two sites was achieved by replacement of the sequence Glu691-Trp-Leu-Thr-Lys-Thr696 by Pro-Gly-His-Tyr-Asn-Asn. Consistent with these data, the concentration of this Cg1 mutant required to achieve 50% inhibition of actin-tropomyosin-activated myosin ATPase was 4-fold greater than found for the 658C fragment. Although calmodulin binding to Cg1 was observed, calmodulin proved ineffective in relieving the inhibition induced by the binding of this mutant to actin. These results are discussed in light of the actin contacts which are involved in the inhibitory activity possessed by different regions of the C-terminus of caldesmon.
DOI Link: 10.1021/bi971727b
ISSN: 0006-2960
Type: Journal Article
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