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Title: Swift panchromatic observations of the bright gamma-ray burst GRB 050525a
Authors: Blustin, AJ
Band, D
Barthelmy, S
Boyd, P
Capalbi, M
Holland, ST
Marshall, FE
Mason, KO
Perri, M
Poole, T
Roming, P
Rosen, S
Schady, P
Still, M
Zhang, B
Angelini, L
Barbier, L
Beardmore, A
Breeveld, A
Burrows, DN
Cummings, JR
Canizzo, J
Campana, S
Chester, MM
Chincarini, G
Cominsky, LR
Cucchiara, A
de Pasquale M
Fenimore, EE
Gehrels, N
Giommi, P
Goad, M
Gronwall, C
Grupe, D
Hill, JE
Hinshaw, D
Hunsberger, S
Hurley, KC
Ivanushkina, M
Kennea, JA
Krimm, HA
Kumar, P
Landsman, W
La Parola V
Markwardt, CB
McGowan, K
Meszaros, P
Mineo, T
Moretti, A
Morgan, A
Nousek, J
O'Brien, PT
Osborne, JP
Page, K
Page, MJ
Palmer, DM
Parsons, AM
Rhoads, J
Romano, P
Sakamoto, T
Sato, G
Tagliaferri, G
Tueller, J
Wells, AA
White, NE
First Published: 1-Feb-2006
Citation: ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 2006, 637 (2), pp. 901-913
DOI Link: 10.1086/498425
ISSN: 0004-637X
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:Published Articles, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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