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15-Feb-2016Sub-Pixel Classification of MODIS EVI for Annual Mappings of Impervious Surface AreasTsutsumida, Narumasa; Comber, Alexis; Barrett, Kirsten; Saizen, Izuru; Rustiadi, ErnanJournal Article
17-Mar-2016A new global burned area product for climate assessment of fire impactsChuvieco, E.; Yue, C.; Heil, A.; Mouillot, F.; Alonso-Canas, I.; Padilla, Marc; Pereira, J. M.; Oom, D.; Tansey, Kevin J.Journal Article
16-Dec-2015Introduction: Locating gentrification in the Global EastShin, H. B.; Lees, Loretta Conway; Lopez-Morales, E.Journal Article
3-Jan-2013Arts-led regeneration in the UK: The rhetoric and the evidence on urban social inclusionLees, Loretta Conway; Melhuish, C.Journal Article
10-Feb-2016Resisting gentrification on its final frontiers: the case of the Heygate Estate in London (1974-2013)Lees, Loretta Conway; Ferrerai, M.Journal Article
Jun-2015Mapping information wealth and poverty: the geography of gazetteersGraham, M.; De Sabbata, StefanoJournal Article
2015Geographic dimensions of relevanceDe Sabbata, Stefano; Mizzaro, S.; Reichenbacher, T.Journal Article
17-Dec-2015Quality assessment of roof planes extracted from height data for solar energy systems by the EAGLE platformSchuffert, Simon; Voegtle, Thomas; Tate, Nicholas J.; Ramirez, AlbertoJournal Article
2016Poetic world-writing in a pluriversal world: a provocation to the creative (re)turn in geographyMadge, Clare; Eshun, G.Journal Article
2016An optical luminescence chronology for late Pleistocene aeolian activity in the Colombian and Venezuelan Llanos Quaternary ResearchCarr, Andrew Stephen; Armitage, S. J.; Berrio, J. C.; Blibao, B.; Boom, A.Journal Article
1-Dec-2009Pollen-based biome reconstructions for Latin America at 0, 6000 and 18 000 radiocarbon years agoMarchant, R.; Cleef, A.; Harrison, S. P.; Hooghiemstra, H.; Markgraf, V.; van Boxel, J.; Ager, T.; Almeida, L.; Anderson, R.; Baied, C.; Behling, H.; Berrio, Juan Carlos; Burbridge, R.; Bjorck, S.; Byrne, R.; Bush, M.; Duivenvoorden, J.; Flenley, J.; De Oliveira, P.; van Geel, B.; Graf, K.; Gosling, W. D.; Harbele, S.; van der Hammen, T.; Hansen, B.; Horn, S.; Kuhry, P.; Ledru, M. -. P.; Mayle, F.; Leyden, B.; Lozano-Garcia, S.; Melief, A. M.; Moreno, P.; Moar, N. T.; Prieto, A.; van Reenen, G.; Salgado-Labouriau, M.; Schaebitz, F.; Schreve-Brinkman, E. J.; Wille, M.Journal Article
20-Feb-2009The Sub-Saharan Africa carbon balance, an overviewBombelli, A.; Henry, M.; Castaldi, S.; Adu-Bredu, S.; Arneth, A.; De Grandcourt, A.; Grieco, E.; Kutsch, W. L.; Lehsten, V.; Rasile, G. A.; Reichstein, M.; Tansey, Kevin James; Weber, U.; Valentini, R.Journal Article
15-Oct-2009An outlook on the Sub-Saharan Africa carbon balanceBombelli, A.; Henry, M.; Castaldi, S.; Adu-Bredu, S.; Arneth, A.; de Grandcourt, A.; Grieco, E.; Kutsch, W. L.; Lehsten, V.; Rasile, A.; Reichstein, M.; Tansey, Kevin James; Weber, U.; Valentini, R.Journal Article
28-Jan-2015Comparing the accuracies of remote sensing global burned area products using stratified random sampling and estimationPadilla, Marc; Stehman, S. V.; Ramo, R.; Corti, D.; Hantson, S. R.; Oliva, P.; Alonso-Canas, I. D.; Bradley, Andrew V.; Tansey, Kevin; Mota, B.; Pereira, J. M.; Chuvieco, E.Journal Article
27-Jul-2012GLOBAL BURNED AREA MAPPING FROM EUROPEAN SATELLITES: THE ESA FIRE_CCI PROJECTChuvieco, E.; Sandow, C.; Guenther, K. P.; González-Alonso, F.; Pereira, J. M.; Pérez, O.; Bradley, A. V.; Schultz, M.; Mouillot, F.; Ciais, P.Conference Paper
29-Dec-2015Introduction: the sexual politics of austerityDi Feliciantonio, Cesare; Brown, Gavin P.Journal Article
9-Feb-2016Variable carbon losses from recurrent fires in drained tropical peatlandsKonecny, K.; Ballhorn, U.; Navratil, P.; Jubanski, J.; Page, S. E.; Tansey, Kevin James; Hooijer, A.; Vernimmen, R.; Siegert, F.Journal Article
9-Jan-2014Empirical Modelling of Vegetation Abundance from Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Upland Peatland Restoration MonitoringCole, Beth; McMorrow, J.; Evans, M.Journal Article
25-Dec-2015Non-parametric retrieval of aboveground biomass in Siberian boreal forests with ALOS PALSAR interferometric coherence and backscatter intensityStelmaszczuk-Górska, M. A.; Rodriguez-Veiga, P.; Ackermann, N.; Thiel, C.; Balzter, Heiko; Schmullius, C.Journal Article
10-Aug-2015Modelling Deforestation and Land Cover Transitions of Tropical Peatlands in Sumatra, Indonesia Using Remote Sensed Land Cover Data SetsElz, Ian; Tansey, Kevin; Page, Susan E.; Trivedi, M.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 516
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