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2019On the potential of on-line free-surface constructed wetlands for attenuating pesticide losses from agricultural land to surface watersWhelan, M; Ramos, A; Guymer, I; Villa, R; Jefferson, BJournal Article
1-Mar-2019BadgeBrown, GavinJournal Article
2019Measuring and mapping displacement: the problem of quantification in the battle against gentrificationLees, L; Easton, S; Hubbard, P; Tate, NJournal Article
30-Jun-2016Contested Spaces: The Communal Councils and Participatory Democracy in Chávez’s VenezuelaWilde, MattJournal Article
22-Feb-2017Utopian disjunctures: Popular democracy and the communal state in urban VenezuelaWilde, MattJournal Article
3-Oct-2017Embryonic alternatives amid London’s housing crisisWilde, MattJournal Article
10-Apr-2019Top 100 research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast AsiaColeman, JL; Ascher, JS; Bickford, D; Buchori, D; Cabanban, A; Chisholm, RA; Chong, KY; Christie, P; Clements, GR; dela Cruz, TEE; Dressler, W; Edwards, DP; Francis, CM; Friess, DA; Giam, X; Gibson, L; Huang, D; Hughes, AC; Jaafar, Z; Jain, A; Koh, LP; Kudavidanage, EP; Lee, BPYH; Lee, J; Lee, TM; Leggett, M; Leimona, B; Linkie, M; Luskin, M; Lynam, A; Meijaard, E; Nijman, V; Olsson, A; Page, S; Parolin, P; Peh, KSH; Posa, MR; Prescott, GW; Rahman, SA; Ramchunder, SJ; Rao, M; Reed, J; Richards, DR; Slade, EM; Steinmetz, R; Tan, PY; Taylor, D; Todd, PA; Vo, ST; Webb, EL; Ziegler, AD; Carrasco, LRJournal Article
2019Ancient amino acids from fossil feathers in amberGabbott, S; McCoy, V; Penkman, K; Collins, M; Presslee, S; Holt, J; Grossman, H; Wang, B; Solórzano Kraemer, M; Delclòs, X; Peñalver, EJournal Article
20-Sep-2018A Machine-Learning Approach to PolInSAR and LiDAR Data Fusion for Improved Tropical Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using NASA AfriSAR Campaign DataPourshamsi, Maryam; Garcia, Mariano; Lavalle, Marco; Balzter, HeikoJournal Article
26-Feb-2019Impact of fertiliser, water table, and warming on celery yield and CO2 and CH4 emissions from fenland agricultural peat.Matysek, M; Leake, J; Banwart, S; Johnson, I; Page, S; Kaduk, J; Smalley, A; Cumming, A; Zona, DJournal Article
10-Sep-2018Latitudinal limits to the predicted increase of the peatland carbon sink with warmingGallego-Sala, A; Charman, DJ; Brewer, S; Page, SE; Prentice, IC; Friedlingstein, P; Moreton, S; Amesbury, MJ; Beilman, DW; Bjorck, S; Blyakharchuk, T; Bochicchio, C; Booth, RK; Bunbury, J; Camill, P; Carless, D; Chimner, RA; Clifford, M; Cressey, E; Courtney-Mustaphi, C; De Vleeschouwer, F; de Jong, R; Fialkiewicz-Koziel, B; Finkelstein, SA; Garneau, M; Githumbi, E; Hribjlan, J; Holmquist, J; Hughes, PDM; Jones, C; Jones, MC; Karofeld, E; Klein, ES; Kokfelt, U; Korhola, A; Lacourse, T; Le Roux, G; Lamentowicz, M; Large, D; Lavoie, M; Loisel, J; Mackay, H; MacDonald, GM; Makila, M; Magnan, G; Marchant, R; Marcisz, K; Martinez Cortizas, A; Massa, C; Mathijssen, P; Mauquoy, D; Mighall, T; Mitchell, FJG; Moss, P; Nichols, J; Oksanen, PO; Orme, L; Packalen, MS; Robinson, S; Roland, TP; Sanderson, NK; Sannel, ABK; Silva-Sanchez, N; Steinberg, N; Swindles, GT; Turner, TE; Uglow, J; Valiranta, M; van Bellen, S; van der Linden, M; van Geel, B; Wang, G; Yu, Z; Zaragoza-Castells, J; Zhao, YJournal Article
28-Mar-2019Theorising Cohortness: (Mis)Fitting into Student GeographiesBrown, G; Kraftl, PJournal Article
18-Mar-2014Size and frequency of natural forest disturbances and the Amazon forest carbon balanceEspírito-Santo, Fernando D. B.; Gloor, M; Keller, M; Malhi, Y; Saatchi, S; Nelson, B; Junior, RCO; Pereira, C; Lloyd, J; Frolking, S; Palace, M; Shimabukuro, YE; Duarte, V; Mendoza, AM; López-González, G; Baker, TR; Feldpausch, TR; Brienen, RJW; Asner, GP; Boyd, DS; Phillips, OLJournal Article
24-Feb-2019Moving beyond Marcuse: gentrification, displacement and the violence of un-homingLees, L; Elliot Cooper, A; Hubbard, PJournal Article
26-Feb-2018Comparative approaches to gentrification: Lessons from the ruralPhillips, Martin; Smith, Darren P.Journal Article
16-Feb-2018Drivers and mechanisms of tree mortality in moist tropical forests.McDowell, N; Allen, CD; Anderson-Teixeira, K; Brando, P; Brienen, R; Chambers, J; Christoffersen, B; Davies, S; Doughty, C; Duque, A; Espirito-Santo, F; Fisher, R; Fontes, CG; Galbraith, D; Goodsman, D; Grossiord, C; Hartmann, H; Holm, J; Johnson, DJ; Kassim, AR; Keller, M; Koven, C; Kueppers, L; Kumagai, T; Malhi, Y; McMahon, SM; Mencuccini, M; Meir, P; Moorcroft, P; Muller-Landau, HC; Phillips, OL; Powell, T; Sierra, CA; Sperry, J; Warren, J; Xu, C; Xu, XJournal Article
11-Nov-2018(Re)thinking (re)connection: Young people, “natures” and the water–energy–food nexus in São Paulo State, BrazilKraftl, P; Balastieri, JAP; Campos, AEM; Coles, B; Hadfield-Hill, S; Horton, J; Soares, PV; Vilanova, MRN; Walker, C; Zara, CJournal Article
15-May-2018Automatic checkerboard detection for camera calibration using self-correlationYan, Y; Yang, P; Yan, L; Wan, J; Sun, Y; Tansey, K; Asundi, A; Zhao, HJournal Article
14-Nov-2018Assessment of heavy metal release into the soil after mine clearing in Halgurd-Sakran National Park, Kurdistan, Iraq.Hamad, Rahel; Balzter, Heiko; Kolo, KamalJournal Article
26-Dec-2018Rates and spatial variability of peat subsidence in Acacia plantation and forest landscapes in Sumatra, IndonesiaEvans, Chris D.; Williamson, Jennifer M.; Kacaribu, Febrio; Irawan, Denny; Suardiwerianto, Yogi; Fikky Hidayat, Muhammad; Laurén, Ari; Page, Susan E.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 690
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