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3-Aug-2016Sources, transport and deposition of terrestrial organic material in southwestern AfricaHerrmann, Nicole; Boom, Arnoud; Carr, Andrew S.; Chase, Brian M.; Granger, Robyn; Hahn, Annette; Zabel, Matthias; Schefuss, EnnoJournal Article
24-Aug-2016Mixing space: affinitive practice and the insurgent potential of foodColes, BenjaminJournal Article
13-Sep-2016The Shocking Materialities and Temporalities of Agri-capitalismColes, BenjaminJournal Article
9-Mar-2016Assessing geographic relevance for mobile search: A computational model and its validation via crowdsourcingReichenbacher, Tumasch; De Sabbata, Stefano; Purves, Ross S.; Fabrikant, Sara I.Journal Article
Jun-2016The Coercive Laws of Competition in a Neoliberal Era: The case of Forestry in Costa RicaMatulis, Brett S.Journal Article
19-Jul-2016Beyond Inclusive Conservation: The Value of Pluralism, the Need for Agonism, and the Case for Social InstrumentalismMatulis, Brett S.; Moyer, Jessica R.Journal Article
6-Jul-2016Stable isotope analyses of rock hyrax faecal pellets, hyraceum and associated vegetation in southern Africa: implications for dietary ecology and palaeoenvironmental reconstructionsCarr, Andrew S.; Chase, Brian M.; Boom, Arnoud; Medina-Sanchez, JavierJournal Article
13-Jun-2016Magnitude, spatial distribution and uncertainty of forest biomass stocks in MexicoRodríguez-Veiga, Pedro; Saatchi, Sassan; Tansey, Kevin; Balzter, HeikoJournal Article
3-May-2016Development and application of a catchment scale pesticide fate and transport model for use in drinking water risk assessmentPullan, S. P.; Whelan, Michael J.; Rettino, J.; Filby, K.; Eyre, S.; Holman, I. P.Journal Article
7-Jan-2016Validation of the Tandem-X Intermediate Digital Elevation Model with Airborne LiDAR and Differential GNSS in Kruger National ParkBalzter, Heiko; Baade, J.; Rodgers, K.Journal Article
1-Jan-2016An investigation into the factors influencing the detectability of oil spills using spectral indices in an oil-polluted environmentAdamu, Bashir; Tansey, Kevin; Ogutu, BookerJournal Article
24-May-2016Landscapes in transition: an analysis of sustainable policy initiatives and emerging corporate commitments in the palm oil industryPadfield, Rory; Drew, Simon; Syayuti, Khadijah; Page, Susan E.; Evers, Stephanie; Campos-Arceiz, Ahimsa; Kangayatkarasu, Nagulendran; Sayok, Alex; Hansen, Sune; Schouten, Greetje; Maulidia, Martha; Papagyropoulou, Effie; Tham, Mun HouJournal Article
23-May-2016In the line of fire: the peatlands of Southeast AsiaPage, Susan E.; Hooijer, A.Journal Article
24-May-2016Negotiating the educational spaces of urban multiculture: Skills, competencies and college lifeBennett, Katy J.; Cochrane, Allan; Mohan, Giles; Neal, SarahJournal Article
25-Feb-2016Methods to Quantify Regional Differences in Land Cover ChangeComber, Alexis; Balzter, Heiko; Cole, Beth; Fisher, Peter; Johnson, Sarah C. M.; Ogutu, BookerJournal Article
27-Feb-2016Mapping regional patterns of large forest fires in Wildland-Urban Interface areas in EuropeModugno, Sirio; Balzter, Heiko; Cole, Beth; Borrelli, PasqualeJournal Article
18-Apr-2016Predictive Models of Primary Tropical Forest Structure from Geomorphometric Variables Based on SRTM in the Tapajós Region, Brazilian AmazonBispo, Polyanna da Conceição; Dos Santos, João Roberto; Valeriano, Márcio de Morisson; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima de Alencastro; Balzter, Heiko; França, Helena; Bispo, Pitágoras da ConceiçãoJournal Article
28-Oct-2013Modeling the effects of fire severity and climate warming on active layer thickness and soil carbon storage of black spruce forests across the landscape in interior AlaskaGenet, H.; McGuire, A. D.; Barrett, Kirsten; Breen, A.; Euskirchen, E. S.; Johnstone, J. F.; Kasischke, E. S.; Melvin, A. M.; Bennett, A.; Mack, M. C.Journal Article
12-Nov-2009The last interglacial sea-level high stand on the southern Cape coastline of South AfricaCarr, Andrew S.; Bateman, Mark D.; Roberts, David L.; Murray-Wallace, Colin V.; Jacobs, Zenobia; Holmes, Peter J.Journal Article
15-Feb-2016Sub-Pixel Classification of MODIS EVI for Annual Mappings of Impervious Surface AreasTsutsumida, Narumasa; Comber, Alexis; Barrett, Kirsten; Saizen, Izuru; Rustiadi, ErnanJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 535
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