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Title: Net Ecosystem Carbon Dioxide Exchange at Semi-Natural and Regenerating Temperate Fens
Authors: Morrison, R.
Kelvin, J.
Stroh, P.
Page, S.E.
Hughes, F.
Kaduk, Jörg
Acreman, M.
Harding, R.
Balzter, Heiko
First Published: Jun-2012
Presented at: 14th International Peat Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, 3-8 June 2012.
Start Date: 3-Jun-2012
End Date: 8-Jun-2012
Publisher: International Peat Society
Citation: Proceedings of the 14th International Peat Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 3-8 June 2012.
Abstract: Net ecosystem CO2 exchange was measured at two managed fens in the East Anglian Fenland region of the East of England (United Kingdom). Eddy covariance measurements were made at a semi-natural fen and a regenerating former arable fen at the Wicken Fen Nature Reserve. Both ecosystems were characterised by significant seasonal variation in gross primary production, ecosystem respiration and net ecosystem CO2 exchange. The semi-natural site was a net source of CO2 between late March and December 2009 and a net sink during the same period the following year. The regenerating site was a small net source of CO2 on an annual basis.
Type: Conference Paper
Description: Metadata only entry
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