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Title: Factors Impacting on the Development of the Consultant-Client Relationship: A Thematic Analysis
Authors: Mosco, Francesca
Award date: 2012
Abstract: This research concerns a real-life relationship between a government-body client organisation and the consultant engineer acting as its delivery partner. Results from a Cultural Relationship Survey previously undertaken by consultant and client employees identified trust, communication and co-location as issues impacting upon the performance of the relationship. Research recognises the importance of fostering consultant-client relationships although there is little evidence focusing on consultant-client perceptions of factors impacting upon the development and performance of consultant-client relationships. To address this gap, and explore possible explanations for the survey results, qualitative research was undertaken using focus groups involving 16 consultant and 5 client participants. Thematic analysis revealed six interacting themes: individual trust versus organisational mistrust, communication mode, co-location, the “battle for control”, “them and us” and frustration. The cyclical and self-perpetuating interaction between the themes highlights the importance of attending to each of the individual factors impacting upon the relationship to alleviate their overall negative effect and improve the consultant-client relations.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
Rights: Copyright © the author, 2012
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