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Title: Development of Reduced-Lead Body Surface Mapping Systems Using Spatial Frequency Analysis
Authors: Vanheusden, Frederique J.
Li, Xin
Chu, Gavin S.
Almeida, Tiago P.
Ng, G. André
Schlindwein, Fernando Soares
First Published: 23-Oct-2013
Presented at: HRC2013 – the 8th annual Heart Rhythm Congress, International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham, UK
Start Date: 20-Oct-2013
End Date: 23-Oct-2013
Abstract: • Body Surface Maps (BSMs) are starting to be used in clinic. • An enormous amount of data is obtained, which can be cumbersome to handle. Reduction of data can significantly decrease analysis time. • Here, the minimum number of electrodes necessary to reconstruct BSM maps accurately is determined by Lomb-Scargle spatial frequency analysis (LSSA) and singular value decomposition (SVD). [Taken from the Introduction]
Type: Conference Poster
Rights: Copyright © The Author(s), 2013.
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