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Title: Site 4 : 'Empingham West' Iron age and Anglo-Saxon settlement
Authors: Cooper, Nicholas J.
First Published: 2000
Publisher: School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester
Citation: Cooper, N.J. 'Site 4 : 'Empingham West' Iron age and Anglo-Saxon settlement' in Cooper, N.J. ‘The Archaeology of Rutland Water : Excavations at Empingham in the Gwash Valley, Rutland, 1967-73 and 1990’; 2000, pp. 46-49
Abstract: During the Autumn of 1971, the activity of mechanical scrapers on the north side of the valley at SK 9372 0795, immediately south of Sykes Lane (76m contour) exposed a complex of archaeological features, appearing as cuts into the underlying ironstone, which were excavated periodically until Autumn 1972 under the direction of M.S. Gorin. The site (code EPW 1971/72) was located on slightly sloping ground, of about 5% dip to the south, and both ploughing and the machine damage may have caused considerable truncation of some features. The excavated features fall into two clearly defined areas:, both spatially and chronologically (fig.21), which can be summarised as follows: Phase 1 Iron Age occupation consisted of three house structures indicated by penannular eaves-drip gullies, and a number of associated pits and post holes. Two subphases were identified, 1 a and 1 b. Phase2 Early Anglo-Saxon occupation comprised two sunkenfeatured buildings and associated pits and ditches, lying (with the exception of Pit C) upslope and to the west of the Phase 1 settlement. [Introduction]
Series/Report no.: Leicester Archaeology Monographs;No. 6
ISBN: 953891402
Version: Publisher Version
Type: Chapter
Rights: Copyright © The Author, 2000. All rights reserved.
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Leicester Archaeology Monograph No. 06

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