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Title: Ore Deposits in an Evolving Earth: an introduction
Authors: Jenkin, Gawen Richard Trevenen
Lusty, P. A. J.
McDonald, I.
Smith, M. P.
Boyce, A. J.
Wilkinson, J. J.
First Published: Feb-2015
Number of Pieces: 14
Publisher: Geological Society of London
Citation: Jenkin, GRT;Lusty, PAJ;McDonald, I;Smith, MP;Boyce, AJ;Wilkinson, JJ, Ore Deposits in an Evolving Earth: an introduction, ed. Jenkin, GRT;Lusty, PAJ;McDonald, I;Smith, MP;Boyce, AJ;Wilkinson, JJ, 'Ore Deposits in an Evolving Earth', SP393, Geological Society of London
Abstract: Ore deposits form by a variety of natural processes that concentrate elements into a small volume that can be economically mined. Their type, character and abundance reflect the environment in which they formed and thus they preserve key evidence for the evolution of magmatic and tectonic processes, the state of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and the evolution of life over geological time. This volume presents thirteen papers on topical subjects in ore deposit research viewed in the context of Earth evolution. These diverse, yet interlinked, papers cover topics including: controls on the temporal and spatial distribution of ore deposits; the sources of fluid, gold and other components in orogenic gold deposits; the degree of oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic ocean; bacterial immobilisation of gold in the semi-arid near-surface environment; and mineral resources for the future, including issues of resource estimation, sustainability of supply and the criticality of certain elements to society.
Series/Report no.: Geological Society Special Publications;
ISBN: 978-1-86239-626-5
Embargo on file until: 1-Jan-10000
Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Chapter
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