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Title: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716)
Authors: Weik, Elke
First Published: 15-May-2014
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Citation: Weik, E, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), ed. Helin, J;Hernes, T;Holt, R;Hjorth, D, 'The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies.', Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. 94-110
Abstract: Born in Leipzig in 1646, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is an influential figure in the world of process philosophy. In addition to his philosophical contributions, Leibniz invented the infinitesimal calculus and binary numbers, along with mathematical and logical forms of notation still used today. Leibniz believed that the worlds of theory, praxis, nature, morals, and the divine as well as the human world all formed one perfect system. This chapter examines Leibniz’s philosophy in relation to process metaphysics and its relevance to organization studies. It also discusses his responses to René Descartes and Baruch Spinoza concerning various issues, such as why he called the monads substances. It also considers which organization studies authors use Leibniz today.
Series/Report no.: Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management;
DOI Link: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199669356.013.0007
ISBN: 019966935X
Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Chapter
Rights: Copyright © 2014, Oxford University Press. This material was originally published in 'The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies.' edited by Helin, J;Hernes, T;Holt, R;Hjorth, D, , and has been reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press ; For permission to reuse this material, please visit Deposited in accordance with the Publisher's Self-archiving policy, available at
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