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Title: Synthesis and reactions of allyl complexes of palladium and molybdenum
Authors: Mentes, Ayfer.
Award date: 1997
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: Chapter 2 is a review of the 3-oxodimethylenemethane complexes of transition metals. Several new 3-oxodimethylenemethane palladium complexes with bidentate phosphorus ligands of the type [Pd(3-RCHCOCHR)L2] have been prepared.;Chapter 3 is a description of the synthesis of trans-[PdXPh(SbPh3)2] (X = Cl or Br) complexes prepared by the reaction of SbPh3 with several palladium(II) complexes. These reactions involve a novel phenyl group transfer from antimony to palladium. The SbPh3 ligands in these complexes can be displaced by phosphorus and nitrogen donor ligands to prepare convenient syntheses of a variety of palladium(II) complexes. The crystal structures of the complexes [PdXPhL2] (L = SbPh3, X = Cl or Br; L = PPh3, X = Cl; L2 = bipy, X = Cl) and [PdXPhL2]2 (L2 = dppm, X = Cl or Br) are described.;Chapter 4 is a description of the synthesis and characterisation of molybdenum and tungsten tetracarbonyl complexes of pyridyl amine Schiff base ligands of the type [M(CO)4(NN)] (M = Mo or W). These complexes have been prepared by the reaction of cis-[M(CO)4(pip)2] with the Schiff base ligands. The crystal structures of the [Mo(CO)4[N(Me)=C(Me)C5H4N{rcub}] and [Mo(CO)4{lcub}N(Me)=C(Ph)C5H4N{rcub}] are described.;Chapter 5 is a description of the synthesis and reactivity of 3-allyl complexes of molybdenum of the type [MoCl(CO)2(NN)(3-allyl)] prepared by the reaction of allyl halides with [MO(CO)4(NN)] complexes. Treatment of [Mo(CO)4(NN)] complexes with [Pd2Cl2allyl2] also provides a route to these complexes. The crystal structures of two complexes [MoCl(CO)2{lcub}N(C6H4OMe)=C(Ph)C5H4N{rcub}(3-C3H5)] and [MoCl(CO)2{lcub}N(Me)=C(Ph)C5H4N{rcub}(3-C3H5)] are described. Attempts to synthesise hydroxy allyl complexes of molybdenum by hydroxy allyl transfer reactions with the palladium complex [PdCl(3-RCHCOHCHR)]2 were unsuccessful.
Type: Thesis
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: PhD
Rights: Copyright © the author. All rights reserved.
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