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22-Feb-2013Familiness as a Form of Value for Wineries: A Preliminary AccountSmith Maguire, Jennifer; Strickland, Paul; Frost, WarwickJournal Article
12-Apr-2013The construction of an urban, middle-class Chinese consumer culture: The case of cultural intermediaries in the Shanghai wine marketSmith Maguire, JenniferConference Paper
Oct-2012Are we all cultural intermediaries now? An introduction to cultural intermediaries in contextSmith Maguire, Jennifer; Matthews, JulianJournal Article
2013Europe’s communication deficit and the UK press: framing the Greek financial crisisTouri, Maria; Rogers, Shani LynnJournal Article
21-Nov-2013Every little helps? YouTube, sousveillance and the ‘anti-Tesco’ riot in Stokes CroftReilly, PaulJournal Article
1-Dec-2013Public service broadcasting and participatory communication for poverty eradication : a case of Tanzania Broadcasting (TBC) as tool for poverty eradication in TanzaniaMillanga, Amani KyonaboineThesis
17-Jul-2013Ourselves alone (but making connections) : the social media strategies of Sinn FeinReilly, PaulChapter
18-Aug-2014Introduction: Television in the AfternoonMoseley, Rachel; Wheatley, Helen; Wood, Helen K.Journal Article
1-Oct-2013Quantitative narrative analysis software options compared: PC-ACE and CAQDAS (ATLAS.ti, MAXqda, and NVivo)Franzosi, R.; McClelland, L. E.; Putnam Rankin, C.; Doyle, S.; Vicari, StefaniaJournal Article
2013The Changing Nature of Party Election Broadcasts: The Growing Influence of Political MarketingGunter, Barrie; Saltzis, Kostas; Campbell, Vincent PatrickJournal Article