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Jan-2012Managing carbon emissions: A discursive presentation of 'market-driven sustainability' in the British mediaKoteyko, NJournal Article
Jun-2008'Not rocket science' or 'no silver bullet'? Media and government discourses about MRSA and cleanlinessKoteyko, N; Nerlich, B; Crawford, P; Wright, N; Koteyko, N; Nerlich, B; Wright, N; Crawford, PJournal Article
Nov-2010Mining the internet for linguistic and social data: An analysis of 'carbon compounds' in web feedsKoteyko, NJournal Article
1-Jan-2009Carbon Reduction Activism in the UK: Lexical Creativity and Lexical Framing in the Context of Climate ChangeNerlich, B; Koteyko, NJournal Article
Aug-2009Compounds, creativity and complexity in climate change communication: The case of 'carbon indulgences'Nerlich, B; Koteyko, NJournal Article
Mar-2010Carbon gold rush and carbon cowboys: A new chapter in green mythology?Nerlich, B; Koteyko, NJournal Article
Oct-2008Discourse of 'transformational leadership' in infection control.Koteyko, N; Carter, RJournal Article
2008The 'moral careers' of microbes and the rise of the matrons: An analysis of UK national press coverage of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) 1995-2006Crawford, P; Brown, B; Nerlich, B; Koteyko, NJournal Article
Oct-2008The habitus of hygiene: discourses of cleanliness and infection control in nursing work.Brown, B; Crawford, P; Nerlich, B; Koteyko, NJournal Article
Mar-2010From carbon markets to carbon morality: Creative compounds as framing devices in online discourses on climate change mitigationKoteyko, N; Nerlich, B; Thelwall, MJournal Article