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Title: A case study of police public relations in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior
Authors: Alaajel, Aaref Muhammad
Award date: 2005
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: This study examines the role of public relations in police organisations. It takes as its case study the organisation and practice of police public relations in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior. From examinations of secondary sources, it argues that public relations is very important for negotiating an environmental understanding by organisations. This is particularly important in a country such as the United Arab Emirates with a very large immigrant population. The review of secondary sources also brought out the significance of media and sound management strategies to successful public relations campaigns.;Primary data for analysis were collected through a combination of official documents containing the public relations strategies of UAE ministry of interior, interviews with members of the top management police public relations managers; content analysis of one mainstream newspaper and the monthly Police magazine, as well as a survey questionnaire administered to both members of the Police Force and members of the public.;The findings from the data collected highlight the indispensability of sound public relations strategies and understanding of the way the mass media work to successful public relations campaigns. Hence, the main finding of the study is that the mass media and relevant public relations strategies are important for organisations that want to use public relations to negotiate a mutual understanding between the organisation and its public on one hand and between the organisation and the environment on the other.
Type: Thesis
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: PhD
Rights: Copyright © the author. All rights reserved.
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