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Title: Sovereignty, Power and Resistance
Authors: Voruz, Véronique
First Published: 2002
Citation: International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 2002, 15 (3), pp.231-252
Abstract: This article will analyse the three conceptualapproaches to sovereignty which prevail in thecontemporary discourse, and which can besummarily identified as follows: firstly,sovereignty is the notion which accounts forboth the form and the source of politicalpower, then sovereignty is a function of law,and lastly, sovereignty manifests itself as aform of resistance. This conceptual overview ofthe theoretical elaborations on sovereigntywill show that what is named as sovereignty infact indexes, above all, an oscillation betweenthe impossibility of self-presence and thedrive to achieve such self-presence, and that,in spite of, or maybe even by virtue of thisoscillation, it nonetheless succeeds insustaining the political discourse, if only inthe guise of a performative suspension of thenation as immanent community.
DOI Link: 10.1023/A:1016593216440
ISSN: 0952-8059
Type: Article
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