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Title: The impact of total quality management on three secondary schools in Israel : "improvement through total quality management (T.Q.M.)?", the perception of headteachers and staff in three Tel-Aviv secondary schools
Authors: Kovrigaro, Rivka
Award date: 2002
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: This thesis focuses on perceptions about the application of the T.Q.M. approach within three secondary schools which have a high rate of Russian newcomer students in the Tel-Aviv area. This study indicates that the staff, with their commitment to the schools' aims especially to the academic ones, had substantial reservations regarding the usefulness and the implementation of the T.Q.M. approach as a whole in these schools. This may be explained by the inadequacy of some T.Q.M. key factors such as 'zero-defects' or 'customer-centered approach' in the educational setting where education is perceived as a trial and error process. This research indicates that there are robust monitoring systems as well as collegiality and accountability of the staff in the three schools, and a culture which supports the idea of continuous quality improvement. In effect, the pre-requisites for the implementation of the T.Q.M. methods namely, management-led process, cultural change and finally data gathering and analysis as a means of monitoring quality and measuring change, have been achieved. Nevertheless, the attitudes towards the overall success of these schools is attributed mainly to the unusual quality of the Russian students. An additional aspect which rejects the usefulness of industrial elements of the T.Q.M. approach is that T.Q.M. has proved adequate only in coping with issues such as leadership, culture and relationships which could have been addressed anyway through the paradigms of school improvement and effectiveness. Hence, the industrial procedures and concepts have been perceived as mainly inadequate to apply in these schools where heterogeneous groups, teachers' expertise, ethical, discipline and academic values are considered to be the milestones of these schools. Apparently, another managerial approach should be sought which may more appropriately address these issues.
Type: Thesis
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: EdD
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