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Title: The embedment of process consultation in strategy formulation
Authors: Nachman, Ben.
Award date: 1998
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: The main goal of this research is focused on increasing the probability that strategic decisions will be implemented.;The dissertation describes the strategic decision-making process followed by the top executive teams of two organisations, within a consultation framework employing the Process Consultation approach. A particular form of SWOT analysis (SWOT Positioning) was performed as a platform for interventions. It also comprised a basis for the employment of other analytical and creative tools. In constructing this research, it was hoped that the combination of Process Consultation with SWOT Positioning in this manner would prove helpful in achieving the research goal.;This research found that the likelihood of implementation of decisions seemed greater following the current consultation process than in the two organisations' previous experience with 'expert' and 'doctor' consultants. Indeed, by-product decision implementation had already begun. The preparation for general implementation of strategic decisions and the declaration of commitment on the part of team members exceeded that of the same organisations in the past. The research cannot definitively show actual implementation, as that stage was not within its scope. However, both teams indicated a sense of ownership of and responsibility for the decisions, which had been formed gradually during the process.;Creativity was nurtured in the construction of strategic action alternatives, which were then organised in a Level of Innovation Matrix. The Matrix is a tool which improves the participants' understanding of the degree of complexity and difficulty involved in the implementation of new strategies.;Indeed, the quandaries which promoted this research have been somewhat diminished. This is not to claim a single conclusive solution has been discovered to all the questions asked. Rather, the statement made here is that the particular process proposed might be helpful in answering these questions in appropriate situations.
Type: Thesis
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: PhD
Rights: Copyright © the author. All rights reserved.
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