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17-Jun-2008Discovery of network properties with all-shortest-paths queriesBilo, Davide; Erlebach, Thomas Rainer; Mihalak, Matus; Widmayer, PeterConference Paper
22-Sep-2015Positive Fragments Of Coalgebraic LogicsBalan, A.; Kurz, Alexander Herbert; Velebil, J.Journal Article
7-Aug-2015Presenting Distributive LawsBonsangue, M. M.; Hansen, H. H.; Kurz, Alexander Herbert; Rot, J.Journal Article
29-Oct-2015Relation lifting, a surveyKurz, Alexander; Velebil, J.Journal Article
2-Oct-2015Relating two automata-based models of orchestration and choreographyBasile, D.; Degano, P.; Ferrari, G. L.; Tuosto, E.Journal Article
Nov-2002Use of logic to describe enhanced communications servicesReiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Turner, Kenneth J.Conference Paper
21-Jun-2016An Experiential Approach to the Design and Evaluation of a Gamified Research Tool for Law in Children's LivesLaw, Effie Lai-Chong; Watkins, Dawn E.; Barwick, Joanna P. L.; Kirk, Elee S.Conference Paper
9-Jun-2015Dividing connected chores fairlyHeydrich, S.; van Stee, RobJournal Article
1-Apr-2016Evidential event inference in transport video surveillanceHong, Xin; Huang, Yan; Ma, Wenjun; Varadarajan, Sriram; Miller, Paul; Liu, Weiru; Santofimia Romero, Maria Jose; del Rincon, Jesus Martinez; Zhou, HuiyuJournal Article
19-Oct-2017Automatic Chinese Postal Address Block Location Using Proximity Descriptors and Cooperative Profit Random ForestsDong, Xinghui; Dong, Junyu; Zhou, Huiyu; Sun, Jianyuan; Tao, DachengJournal Article