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24-Dec-2015Dynamic Software Project Scheduling through a Proactive-rescheduling MethodShen, Xiao - Ning; Minku, Leandro L.; Bahsoon, Rami; Yao, XinJournal Article
5-Sep-2014The Handbook of Engineering Self-Aware and Self-Expressive SystemsChen, Tao; Faniyi, Funmilade; Bahsoon, Rami; Lewis, Peter R.; Yao, Xin; Minku, Leandro L.; Esterle, LukasReport
5-Aug-2014Resampling-based ensemble methods for online class imbalance learningWang, Shuo; Minku, Leandro L.; Yao, XinJournal Article
28-Dec-2016Which Models of the Past Are Relevant to the Present? A software effort estimation approach to exploiting useful past modelsMinku, Leandro L.; Yao, X.Journal Article
16-Apr-2016Data Mining for Software Engineering and Humans in the LoopMinku, Leandro L.; Mendes, E.; Turhan, B.Journal Article
2017Effort and Cost of Software Engineering: A Comparison of Two Industrial Data SetsHuijgens, Hennie; Van Deursen, Arie; Minku, Leandro L.; Lokan, ChrisConference Paper
4-Jan-2018A Systematic Study of Online Class Imbalance Learning with Concept DriftWang, Shuo; Minku, Leandro L.; Yao, XinJournal Article
8-Nov-2017Clustering Dycom: An Online Cross-Company Software Effort Estimation StudyMinku, Leandro L.; Hou, SiqingConference Paper
31-May-2014How to make best use of cross-company data in software effort estimation?Minku, Leandro L.; Yao, XinConference Paper
6-Nov-2017Time Series Forecasting in the Presence of Concept Drift: A PSO-based ApproachOliveira, Gustavo H. F. M.; Cavalcante, Rodolfo C.; Cabral, George G.; Minku, Leandro L.; Oliveira, Adriano L. I.Conference Paper