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21-Jun-2007Genetic Algorithms with Elite-Based Immigrants for Changing Optimization ProblemsYang, ShengxiangBook chapter
Sep-2007A self-organizing random immigrants genetic algorithm for dynamic optimization problemsTinos, Renato; Yang, ShengxiangArticle
21-Jun-2007Triggered Memory-Based Swarm Optimization in Dynamic EnvironmentsWang, Hongfeng; Wang, Xingwei; Yang, ShengxiangBook chapter
2001A new adaptive neural network and heuristics hybrid approach for job-shop schedulingYang, Shengxiang; Wang, D.Article
2005Experimental study on population-based incremental learning algorithms for dynamic optimization problems.Yang, Shengxiang; Yao, X.Article
Dec-2008Joint Multicast Routing and Channel Assignment in Multiradio Multichannel Wireless Mesh Networks Using Simulated AnnealingCheng, Hui; Yang, ShengxiangArticle
Jul-2007A hybrid immigrants scheme for genetic algorithms in dynamic environmentsYang, Shengxiang; Tinos, RenatoArticle
Oct-2009Learning behavior in abstract memory schemes for dynamic optimization problemsRichter, Hendrik; Yang, ShengxiangArticle
21-Mar-2009An improved constraint satisfaction adaptive neural network for job-shop schedulingYang, Shengxiang; Wang, Xingwei; Chai, Tianyou; Kendall, GrahamArticle
Mar-2009A multipopulation parallel genetic simulated annealing-based QoS routing and wavelength assignment integration algorithm for multicast in optical networksCheng, Hui; Wang, Xingwei; Yang, Shengxiang; Huang, MinArticle