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11-Dec-2017Nonlinear Rank-Based Analog Loop Filters in Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters for Mitigation of Technogenic InterferenceNikitin, Alexei V.; Davidchack, Ruslan L.Conference Paper
1-Oct-2015Efficient Embedded Software Migration towards Clusterized Distributed-Memory ArchitecturesGaribotti, Rafael; Butko, Anastasiia; Ost, Luciano; Gamatie, Abdoulaye; Sassatelli, Gilles; Adeniyi-Jones, ChrisJournal Article
2019Real-Time H∞ Control of Networked Inverted Pendulum Visual Servo SystemsDu, D; Zhang, C; Song, Y; Zhou, H; Li, X; Fei, M; Li, WJournal Article
28-May-2018How Do Automatically Generated Unit Tests Influence Software Maintenance?Shamshiri, Sina; Rojas, José Miguel; Pablo Galeotti, Juan Pablo; Walkinshaw, Neil; Fraser, GordonConference Paper
26-Oct-2018A Novel Automated Approach for Software Effort Estimation Based on Data AugmentationSong, Liyan; Minku, Leandro L.; Yao, XinConference Paper
11-Oct-2018Are 20% of Files Responsible for 80% of Defects?Walkinshaw, Neil; Minku, LeandroConference Paper
Aug-2019Sliding mode variable structure control for inverted pendulum visual servo systemsSong, Y; Du, D; Sun, Q; Zhou, H; Fei, MConference Paper
2-May-2019Designing Airport Interiors with 3D VisualizationsKefalidou, Genovefa; D'Cruz, Mirabelle; Castro, André; Marcelino, RuiConference Paper
1-Dec-2018Online scheduling of car-sharing requests between two locations with many cars and flexible advance bookingsLuo, Kelin; Erlebach, Thomas; Xu, YinfengConference Paper
1-Dec-2018Partitioning vectors into quadruples: Worst-case analysis of a matching-based algorithmFicker, Annette M. C.; Erlebach, Thomas; Mihalák, Matús; Spieksma, Frits C. R.Conference Paper