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Title: Video Experimental Argentino Contemporáneo: Una Cartografía Crítica
Authors: Garavelli, Clara
First Published: 21-Nov-2014
Publisher: EDUNTREF
Citation: Garavelli, C, Video Experimental Argentino Contemporáneo: Una Cartografía Crítica, EDUNTREF, 2014
Abstract: Since the beginning of the new millennium, experimental video in Argentina has spread at great speed. Far from being a cult product created by only a few, as was the case in previous decades, it has become popular and has acquired a wide range of characteristics. The disparity of aesthetics and creative processes, of conceptual models, of spaces and forms of exhibition, as well as the mutation of video in terms of its format and artistic medium, have continued to make the analytical categories of experimental video problematic, rendering traditional modes of inquiry/fields of knowledge insufficient in the study of these types of works. Accordingly, this book aims to systematically study, from a plurality of perspectives, these kinds of productions that have been increased exponentially and that illustrate, among other things, the changes not only in the field of audiovisual production but also in the national socio-political context. Hence, a critical cartography of contemporary experimental Argentine video productions is outlined, bearing in mind that such productions are influenced by a national reality marked by the post-dictatorship period and by the political, social and economic consequences of the rampant implementation of neoliberal policies. Thus, the corpus is limited to those works directly connected to this context and which have a particular social and political sensibility. This is a significant research project that aims to fill a gap in the theoretical field of Argentine video creation.
ISBN: 978-987-1889-47-1
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Version: Pre-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Book
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