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Title: Locating penal transportation: punishment, space and place c. 1750-1900
Authors: Anderson, Clare
Crockett, Carrie M.
De Vito, Christian G.
Miyamoto, Takashi
Moss, Kellie
Roscoe, Katherine
Sakata, Minako
First Published: 1-Jul-2015
Publisher: Routledge
Citation: Anderson, C.; Crockett, C. M.; De Vito, C. G. ;Miyamoto, T.; Moss, K.;. Roscoe, K., Sakata, M., Locating penal transportation: punishment, space and place c. 1750-1900, ed. Morin, K. M.; Moran, D., 'Historical Geographies of Prisons: Unlocking the usable carceral past', 2015
Abstract: Each penal regime shapes its own spatial configurations, and space also shapes the character of penal regimes. The historical study of this mutual influence opens up for interrogation the “usable past” of carceral geography. For, even as the specific ways in which space and punishment intertwine change over time, their connections remain a fundamental feature of penality in the modern world. This chapter explores these points in a context in which spatiality is perhaps most explicit: convict transportation. Arguably, this penal regime had an even more intimate relationship with spatiality than prisons did, as it bound together convict circulations and geographical contexts through spatial isolation and interconnectedness. Moreover, the routes of convict transportation often intertwined with other forced labour flows, as well as African enslavement. The existence of such “scales” of incarceration, migration and unfree labour were a recurrent feature of transportation across imperial geographies, well into the twentieth century (Anderson and Maxwell-Stewart, 2014; De Vito and Lichtenstein, 2013, forthcoming). [Taken from Introduction]
DOI Link: 10.4324/9781315724997
ISBN: 9781138850057
Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Chapter
Rights: Copyright © 2015, Taylor & Francis. Archived with permission of the publisher.
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