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18-Apr-2002An extremely sensitive species-specific ARMS PCR test for the presence of tiger bone DNAWetton, JH; Tsang, CSF; Roney, CA; Spriggs, ACJournal Article
5-May-2003Mitochondrial profiling of dog hairsWetton, JH; Higgs, JE; Spriggs, AC; Roney, CA; Tsang, CSF; Foster, APJournal Article
Mar-2009Genetic data from 28 STR loci for forensic individual identification and parentage analyses in 6 bird of prey species.Dawnay, N; Ogden, R; Wetton, JH; Thorpe, RS; McEwing, RJournal Article
11-Aug-2005Inferring the population of origin of DNA evidence within the UK by allele-specific hybridization of Y-SNPs.Wetton, JH; Tsang, KW; Khan, HJournal Article
Nov-2011Analysis and interpretation of mixed profiles generated by 34 cycle SGM Plus(®) amplification.Wetton, JH; Lee-Edghill, J; Archer, E; Tucker, VC; Hopwood, AJ; Whitaker, J; Tully, GJournal Article
14-May-1987Demographic study of a wild house sparrow population by DNA fingerprinting.Wetton, JH; Carter, RE; Parkin, DT; Walters, DJournal Article
Feb-1997A suite of falcon single-locus minisatellite probes: A powerful alternative to DNA fingerprintingWetton, JH; Parkin, DTJournal Article
Apr-1996Highly polymorphic microsatellites in the house sparrow Passer domesticusNeumann, K; Wetton, JHJournal Article
Mar-1999Within-clutch patterns of egg viability and paternity in the House SparrowCordero, PJ; Wetton, JH; Parkin, DTJournal Article
Mar-1999Extra-pair paternity and male badge size in the House SparrowCordero, PJ; Wetton, JH; Parkin, DTJournal Article