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Title: “It’s time, put on the smile, it’s time!”: The emotional labour of second language teaching within a Japanese university.
Authors: King, Jim
First Published: 2016
Publisher: Springer
Citation: King, J, “It’s time, put on the smile, it’s time!”: The emotional labour of second language teaching within a Japanese university., ed. Gkonou, C;Tatzl, D;Mercer, S, 'New Directions in Language Learning Psychology', Springer, 2016
Abstract: Interest in the emotional dimension of language learning has been growing in recent years as researchers try to understand what role students’ emotions play in the complex processes involved in second language acquisition. This chapter represents a new conceptual direction within language learning research because rather than focusing on learners’ emotions, it provides an in-depth account of the emotional labour performed by instructors. Emotional labour is the forced management of one's emotions in order to conform to the social norms associated with a professional role. Teaching involves high levels of emotional labour as teachers are required to manage and display particular emotions in appropriate ways in front of students. Reflecting the dynamic and shifting nature of emotional states, the chapter draws from data collected during a series of semi-structured interviews to report upon the surface acting, deep acting and the suppression of emotions performed by a sample of language instructors teaching English within a Japanese university. As emotions are socially and culturally derived, the chapter examines issues surrounding emotional labour within intercultural contexts, and considers potential links between emotional labour, teacher stress and burnout.
ISBN: 978-3-319-23490-8
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Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Chapter
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