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Title: Agis IV, Kleomenes III, and Laconian landscapes
Authors: Shipley, D. Graham J.
First Published: 2015
Publisher: Steiner
Citation: Historia: Zeitschrift fuer Alte Geschichte
Abstract: This study reassesses the reforms of the mid-third-century Spartan kings. It examines first the possible landscape impacts of oliganthropy and demotion to ‘Inferior’ status. Possible attempts, by state or individuals, to combat inequality by cultivating unused land or ignoring the prohibition on manual labour did not solve the problem. Since Sparta and perioikic poleis possessed distinct territories, ‘Malea(s)’ in Plutarch’s account of Agis’s land reforms should mean Mt Parnon, not Cape Malea; it was only Sparta’s own chōra that Agis IV and Kleomenes III could redesign. Disadvantaging the perioikoi was impossible, given the relative increase in their power within Laconia.
ISSN: 0018-2311
eISSN: 0341-0056
Embargo on file until: 1-Jan-10000
Version: Pre-print
Type: Journal Article
Description: This is a draft submitted for acceptance to Historia. It is under a permanent embargo in accordance with the requirements of the publisher, found at
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