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28-May-2014Validation of the factor structure and predictive validity of the Forensic Evidence Evaluation Bias Scale for robbery and sexual assault trial scenariosSmith, Lisa L.; Bull, RayJournal Article
27-Oct-2017Electrochemical Detection of Plasma Immunoglobulin as a Biomarker for Alzheimer's DiseaseGaryfallou, Goulielmos-Zois; Ketebu, Orlando; Şahin, Samet; Mukaetova-Ladinska, Elizabeth B.; Catt, Michael; Yu, Eileen HaoJournal Article
1-Jul-2017Barriers for unaccompanied refugee minors in accessing mental health care: Is it the therapy or the therapist?Majumder, Pallab; Vostanis, Panos; O'Reilly, MichelleConference Paper
14-Jul-2017Psychological Trait Resilience Within Ecological Systems Theory: The Resilient Systems ScalesMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Flowe, Heather D.; Vostanis, Panos; Chivers, SallyJournal Article
17-Jul-2017Exploring the challenges of meeting child mental health needs through community engagement in KenyaGetanda, Elijah Mironga; Vostanis, Panos; O'Reilly, MichelleJournal Article
18-Aug-2017Strain-specific differences in the development of neuronal excitability in the mouseSinclair, James L.; Barnes-Davies, Margaret; Kopp-Scheinpflug, Conny; Forsythe, Ian D.Journal Article
13-Oct-2016Cellular activation of hypothalamic hypocretin/orexin neurons facilitates short-term spatial memory in mice.Aitta-Aho, Teemu; Pappa, Elpiniki; Burdakov, Denis; Apergis-Schoute, JohnJournal Article
10-Nov-2015Feasibility of progesterone treatment for ischaemic strokeGibson, Claire L.; Bath, Philip M.Journal Article
20-Oct-2017Does reflective practice impact upon clinical outcomes and if so, how? A Grounded Theory study of how Trainee Clinical Psychologists experience the effect of a reflective practice group on their clinical workLoveder, MarkThesis
8-Sep-2017Measurement Invariance of Personal Well-being Index (PWI-8) across 26 CountriesŻemojtel-Piotrowska, Magdalena; Piotrowski, Jarosław P.; Osin, Evgeny N.; Cieciuch, Jan; Adams, Byron G.; Ardi, Rahkman; Baltatescu, Sergiu; Lal Bhomi, Arbinda; Bogomaz, Sergey A.; Clinton, Amanda; de Clunie, Gisela T.; Esteves, Carla; Gouveia, Valdiney; Halik, Murnizam H. J.; Hosseini, Ashraf; Ilisko, Dzintra; Kachatryan, Narine; Vasant Kamble, Shanmukh; Kawula, Anna; Lun, Vivian; Klicperova-Baker, Martina; Liik, Kadi; Letovancova, Eva; Malo Cerrato, Sara; Malysheva, Natalia; Michalowski, Jaroslaw; Nikolic, Marija; Park, Joonha; Paspalanova, Elena; Perez de Leon, Pablo; Pék, Győző; Różycka-Tran, Joanna; Samekin, Adil; Shabhaz, Wahab; Thi Khanh Ha, Truong; Tiliouine, Habib; Van Hiel, Alain; Vauclair, Melanie; Wills, Eduardo; Włodarczyk, Anna; Yagiyaev, Ilya; Maltby, JohnJournal Article