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8-Nov-2017Fully integrated silicon probes for high-density recording of neural activityJun, J. J.; Steinmetz, N. A.; Siegle, J. H.; Denman, D. J.; Bauza, M; Barbarits, B; Lee, A. K.; Anastassiou, C. A.; Andrei, A; Aydın, Ç; Barbic, M; Blanche, T. J.; Bonin, V; Couto, J; Dutta, B; Gratiy, S. L.; Gutnisky, D. A.; Häusser, M; Karsh, B; Ledochowitsch, P; Lopez, C. M.; Mitelut, C; Musa, S; Okun, Michael; Pachitariu, M; Putzeys, J; Rich, P. D.; Rossant, C; Sun, W-L; Svoboda, K; Carandini, M; Harris, K. D.; Koch, C; O'Keefe, J; Harris, T. D.Journal Article
12-Feb-2018Glucose and lactate as metabolic constraints on presynaptic transmission at an excitatory synapseLucas, Sarah J.; Michel, Christophe B.; Marra, Vincenzo; Smalley, Joshua L.; Hennig, Matthias H.; Graham, Bruce P.; Forsythe, Ian D.Journal Article
31-Jan-2018Are some cultures less trusting than others?Krockow, Eva M.; Colman, Andrew M.; Pulford, BrionyInternet Publication
31-Jan-2018Commitment-enhancing tools in centipede games: Evidencing European-Japanese differences in trust and cooperationKrockow, Eva M.; Takezawa, Masanori; Pulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.; Smithers, Samuel; Kita, Toshimasa; Nakawake, YoJournal Article
1-Jul-2017An alternative surgical approach reduces variability following filament induction of experimental stroke in miceTrotman-Lucas, Melissa; Kelly, Michael E.; Janus, Justyna; Fern, Robert; Gibson, Claire L.Journal Article
Jul-2017A comparison of behavioral and pharmacological interventions to attenuate reactivated fear memoriesFerrer Monti, Roque I.; Alfei, Joaquin M.; Mugnaini, Matias; Bueno, Adrian M.; Beckers, Tom; Urcelay, Gonzalo P.; Molina, Victor A.Journal Article
1-Jan-2018Free operant observing in humans: a translational approach to compulsive certainty seeking.Morein-Zamir, Sharon; Shahper, Sonia; Fineberg, Naomi A.; Eisele, Verena; Eagle, Dawn M.; Urcelay, Gonzalo; Robbins, Trevor W.Journal Article
18-Jan-2018Incentive Magnitude Effects in Experimental Games: Bigger is not Necessarily BetterPulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.; Loomes, GrahamJournal Article
28-Apr-2017Thalamic inputs to dorsomedial striatum are involved in inhibitory control: evidence from the five-choice serial reaction time task in ratsSaund, Jasjot; Dautan, Daniel; Rostron, Claire; Urcelay, Gonzalo P.; Gerdjikov, Todor V.Journal Article
21-Dec-2017Automatic quantification of juvenile zebrafish aggression.Carreño Gutiérrez, Héctor; Vacca, Irene; Pons, Anna Inguanzo; Norton, William H. J.Journal Article
2017Competition and facilitation in compound conditioningUrcelay, Gonzalo P.Journal Article
2018Cross-cultural invariance of NPI-13: Entitlement as culturally specific, leadership and grandiosity as culturally universalŻemojtel-Piotrowska, M.; Piotrowski, J.; Rogoza, R.; Baran, T.; Hitokoto, H.; Maltby, J. J.Journal Article
11-Jan-2018Mental health problems of Syrian refugee children: The role of parental factorsEruyar, Seyda; Maltby, John; Vostanis, PanosJournal Article
10-Nov-2017Why is it nice to be nice? Solving Darwin’s puzzle of kindness.Krockow, Eva M.; Colman, Andrew M.; Pulford, BrionyInternet Publication
2018Effects of aging, word frequency and text stimulus quality on reading across the adult lifespan: Evidence from eye movementsWarrington, Kayleigh L.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Paterson, Kevin B.; White, Sarah J.Journal Article
Aug-2015Prediction error and trace dominance determine the fate of fear memories after post-training manipulations.Alfei, Joaquín M.; Ferrer Monti, Roque I.; Molina, Victor A.; Bueno, Adrián M.; Urcelay, Gonzalo P.Journal Article
7-Dec-2017Restriction of dietary protein leads to conditioned protein preference and elevated palatability of protein-containing food in ratsMurphy, Michelle; Peters, Kate Z.; Denton, Bethany S.; Lee, Kathryn A.; Chadchankar, Heramb; McCutcheon, James E.Journal Article
19-Dec-2017Retinal layer abnormalities as biomarkers of schizophreniaSamani, Nilesh; Proudlock, Frank A.; Siram, Vasantha; Suraweera, Chathurie; Hutchinson, Claire; Nelson, Christopher P.; Al-Uzri, Mohammed; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
7-Jun-2017Effects of Irrelevant Background Speech on Eye Movements during Reading.Yan, Guoli; Meng, Zhu; Liu, Nina; He, Liyuan; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
8-Sep-2017Measurement Invariance of Personal Well-being Index (PWI-8) across 26 CountriesŻemojtel-Piotrowska, Magdalena; Piotrowski, Jarosław P.; Osin, Evgeny N.; Cieciuch, Jan; Adams, Byron G.; Ardi, Rahkman; Baltatescu, Sergiu; Lal Bhomi, Arbinda; Bogomaz, Sergey A.; Clinton, Amanda; de Clunie, Gisela T.; Esteves, Carla; Gouveia, Valdiney; Halik, Murnizam H. J.; Hosseini, Ashraf; Ilisko, Dzintra; Kachatryan, Narine; Vasant Kamble, Shanmukh; Kawula, Anna; Lun, Vivian; Klicperova-Baker, Martina; Liik, Kadi; Letovancova, Eva; Malo Cerrato, Sara; Malysheva, Natalia; Michalowski, Jaroslaw; Nikolic, Marija; Park, Joonha; Paspalanova, Elena; Perez de Leon, Pablo; Pék, Győző; Różycka-Tran, Joanna; Samekin, Adil; Shabhaz, Wahab; Thi Khanh Ha, Truong; Tiliouine, Habib; Van Hiel, Alain; Vauclair, Melanie; Wills, Eduardo; Włodarczyk, Anna; Yagiyaev, Ilya; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 166
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