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5-Feb-2018Kv3 K+ currents contribute to spike-timing in dorsal cochlear nucleus principal cellsOlsen, Timothy; Capurro, Alberto; Pilati, Nadia; Large, Charles H.; Hamann, MartineJournal Article
17-Jan-2017Scene-selective coding by single neurons in the human parahippocampal cortex.Mormann, F.; Kornblith, S.; Cerf, M.; Ison, Matias J.; Kraskov, A.; Tran, M.; Knieling, S.; Quiroga, Rodrigo Quian; Koch, C.; Fried, I.Journal Article
8-Feb-2017Evaluating the complementary roles of an SJT and academic assessment for entry into clinical practiceCousans, Fran; Patterson, Fiona; Edwards, Helena; Walker, Kim; McLachlan, John C.; Good, DavidJournal Article
6-Jul-2017Automated segmentation of retinal layers from optical coherence tomography images using geodesic distanceDuan, Jinming; Tench, Christopher; Gottlob, Irene; Proudlock, Frank; Bai, LiJournal Article
Apr-2018Is social media bad for mental health and wellbeing? Exploring the perspectives of adolescentsO'Reilly, Michelle J.; Dogra, N.; Whiteman, N.; Hughes, J.; Eruyar, S.; Reilly, P.Journal Article
5-Oct-2017Dying comfortably in very old age with or without dementia in different care settings – a representative “older old” population studyFleming, J.; Calloway, R.; Perrels, A.; Farquhar, M.; Barclay, S.; Brayne, C.; Cambridge City over-75s Cohort (CC75C) studyJournal Article
9-Jan-2017Corrigendum: Premature changes in neuronal excitability account for hippocampal network impairment and autistic-like behavior in neonatal BTBR T+tf/J mice.Cellot, Giada; Maggi, Laura; Di Castro, Maria Amalia; Catalano, Myriam; Migliore, Rosanna; Migliore, Michele; Scattoni, Maria Luisa; Calamandrei, Gemma; Cherubini, EnricoJournal Article
1-Nov-2017The IMPROVE Guidelines (Ischaemia Models: Procedural Refinements Of in Vivo Experiments)Percie du Sert, N.; Alfieri, A.; Allan, S. M.; Carswell, H. V.; Deuchar, G. A.; Farr, T. D.; Flecknell, P.; Gallagher, L.; Gibson, Claire L.; Haley, M. J.; Macleod, M. R.; McColl, B. W.; McCabe, C.; Morancho, A.; Moon, L. D.; O'Neill, M. J.; Pérez de Puig, I.; Planas, A.; Ragan, C. I.; Rosell, A.; Roy, L. A.; Ryder, K. O.; Simats, A.; Sena, E. S.; Sutherland, B. A.; Tricklebank, M. D.; Trueman, R. C.; Whitfield, L.; Wong, R.; Macrae, I. M.Journal Article
3-Apr-2017High integrity mental health services for children: focusing on the person, not the problemWolpert, M.; Vostanis, Panayotis; Martin, K.; Munk, S.; Norman, R.; Fonagy, P.; Feltham, A.Journal Article
8-Mar-2018The contribution of forward masking to saccadic inhibition of return.Souto, David; Born, Sabine; Kerzel, DirkJournal Article
18-Oct-2016Anaesthetic interventions for prevention of awareness during surgeryMessina, Anthony G; Wang, Michael; Ward, Marshall J; Pace, Nathan Leon; et al.Journal Article
23-May-2017Biochemical markers in vascular cognitive impairment associated with subcortical small vessel disease - A consensus report.Wallin, A.; Kapaki, E.; Boban, M.; Engelborghs, S.; Hermann, D. M.; Huisa, B.; Jonsson, M.; Kramberger, M. G.; Lossi, L.; Malojcic, B.; Mehrabian, S.; Merighi, A.; Mukaetova-Ladinska, Elizabeta B.; Paraskevas, G. P.; Popescu, B. O.; Ravid, R.; Traykov, L.; Tsivgoulis, G.; Weinstein, G.; Korczyn, A.; Bjerke, M.; Rosenberg, G.Journal Article
20-Sep-2017A qualitative study to identify parents' perceptions of and barriers to asthma management in children from South Asian and White British families.Lakhanpaul, M.; Culley, L.; Robertson, Noelle; Bird, D.; Hudson, N.; Johal, N.; McFeeters, M.; Angell, Emma; Hamlyn-Williams, C.; Abbas, N.; Manikam, L.; Johnson, M.Journal Article
17-Jul-2017Exploring the challenges of meeting child mental health needs through community engagement in KenyaGetanda, Elijah Mironga; Vostanis, Panos; O'Reilly, MichelleJournal Article
12-Jul-2016Involvement of the agmatinergic system in the depressive-like phenotype of the Crtc1 knockout mouse model of depression.Meylan, E. M.; Breuillaud, L.; Seredenina, T.; Magistretti, P. J.; Halfon, O.; Luthi-Carter, Ruth; Cardinaux, J-R.Journal Article
2018Effects of word length on eye guidance differ for young and older Chinese readersLi, S.; Li, L.; Wang, J.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Paterson, K.Journal Article
15-Dec-2017An experimental examination of alcohol consumption, alcohol expectancy, and self-blame on willingness to report a hypothetical rape.Flowe, Heather D.; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
12-Mar-2018Visual grouping in accordance with utterance planning facilitates speech productionZhao, Liming; Paterson, Kevin B.; Bai, XuejunJournal Article
23-Dec-2017Extracting information from the shape and spatial distribution of evoked potentials.Lopes-Dos-Santos, Vítor; Rey, Hernan G.; Navajas, Joaquin; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
26-Feb-2018Pharmacological analysis of zebrafish lphn3.1 morphant larvae suggests that saturated dopaminergic signaling could underlie the ADHD-like locomotor hyperactivity.Lange, M.; Froc, C.; Grunwald, H.; Norton, William H.J.; Bally-Cuif, L.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 194
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