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9-Jul-2016Uncovering key patterns in self-harm in adolescents: Sequence analysis using the Card Sort Task for Self-harm (CaTS)Townsend, E.; Wadman, R.; Sayal, K.; Armstrong, M.; Harroe, C.; Majumder, P.; Vostanis, Panayotis; Clarke, D.Journal Article
14-Jun-2016Asthma management in British South Asian children: an application of the candidacy framework to a qualitative understanding of barriers to effective and accessible asthma careHudson, Nicky; Culley, Lorraine; Johnson, Mark; McFeeters, Melanie; Robertson, Noelle; Angell, Emma; Lakhanpaul, MonicaJournal Article
1-Apr-2016Abnormally Small Neuromuscular Junctions in the Extraocular Muscles From Subjects With Idiopathic Nystagmus and Nystagmus Associated With AlbinismMcLoon, Linda K.; Willoughby, Christy L.; Anderson, Jill S.; Bothun, Erick D.; Stager Jr, David; Felius, Joost; Lee, Helena; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
30-Apr-2016Hand-held optical coherence tomography imaging in children with anterior segment dysgenesisPilat, Anastasia V.; Sheth, Viral; Purohit, Ravi; Proudlock, Frank A.; Anwar, Samira; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
1-Jul-2016Pediatric Optical Coherence Tomography in Clinical Practice-Recent ProgressLee, Helena; Proudlock, Frank A.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
1-Aug-2016In vivo morphology of the optic nerve and retina in patients with Parkinson’s diseasePilat, Anastasia; McLean, Rebecca J.; Proudlock, Frank A.; Maconachie, Gail D. E.; Sheth, Viral; Rajabally, Yusuf A.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
1-Oct-2016Irritability in Huntington’s Disease: Factor Analysis of Snaith’s Irritability ScaleMaltby, John J.; Dale, Maria; Underwood, Mandy; Simpson, Jane; REGISTRY investigators of the European Huntington’s Disease NetworkJournal Article
29-Jan-2016Women's fear of crime and preference for formidable mates: how specific are the underlying psychological mechanisms?Ryder, Hannah; Maltby, John; Rai, Lovedeep; Jones, Phil; Flowe, Heather D.Journal Article
24-May-2016Saccade Adaptation and Visual UncertaintySouto, David; Gegenfurtner, Karl R.; Schütz, Alexander C.Journal Article
2-Jun-2016The visual development of hand-centered receptive fields in a neural network model of the primate visual system trained with experimentally recorded human gaze changesGaleazzi, Juan M.; Navajas, Joaquín; Mender, Bedeho M. W.; Quian Quiroga, Rodrigo; Minini, Loredana; Stringer, Simon M.Journal Article
22-Aug-2016Environmental Adaptation, Phenotypic Plasticity, and Associative Learning in Insects: The Desert Locust as a Case StudySimões, Patrício M. V.; Ott, Swidbert R.; Niven, Jeremy E.Journal Article
29-Jun-2016Costs and Benefits of Orthographic Inconsistency in Reading: Evidence from a Cross-Linguistic ComparisonMarinelli, Chiara Valeria; Romani, Cristina; Burani, Cristina; McGowan, Victoria A.; Zoccolotti, PierluigiJournal Article
1-May-2015Caffeine Modulates Vesicle Release and Recovery at Cerebellar Parallel Fibre Terminals, Independently of Calcium and Cyclic AMP SignallingDobson, Katharine L.; Jackson, Claire; Balakrishnan, Saju; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
2015Localization of Presynaptic Plasticity Mechanisms Enables Functional Independence of Synaptic and Ectopic Transmission in the CerebellumDobson, Katharine L.; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
2015Plasticity of Neuron-Glial Transmission: Equipping Glia for Long-Term Integration of Network ActivityCroft, Wayne; Dobson, Katharine L.; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
26-Feb-2016Dimension-based attention in visual short-term memoryPilling, Michael; Barrett, Doug J. K.Journal Article
2016“This is a question we have to ask everyone”: Asking young people about self-harm and suicideO'Reilly, Michelle J.; Kiyimba, N.; Karim, K.Journal Article
31-May-2016Graphs versus numbers: How information format affects risk aversion in gamblingDambacher, Michael; Haffke, Peter; Groß, Daniel; Hübner, RonaldJournal Article
2-Jun-2016Transcriptome sequences spanning key developmental states as a resource for the study of the cestode Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasiteHébert, François Olivier; Grambauer, Stephan; Barber, Iain; Landry, Christian R.; Aubin-Horth, NadiaJournal Article
Feb-2016The Effect of Salinity on Egg Development and Viability of Schistocephalus solidus (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidea)Simmonds, Natalie E.; Barber, IainJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74
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