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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
25-May-2019A unified neural circuit of causal inference and multisensory integrationFang, Ying; Yu, Zhaofei; Liu, Jian K.; Chen, FengJournal Article
4-Nov-2016Using Matrix and Tensor Factorizations for the Single-Trial Analysis of Population Spike Trains.Onken, A; Liu, JK; Karunasekara, PPCR; Delis, I; Gollisch, T; Panzeri, SJournal Article
3-Sep-2018Parallels and overlap: the integration of homeostatic signals by mesolimbic dopamine neuronsHsu, Ted M.; McCutcheon, James E.; Roitman, Mitchell F.Journal Article
1-Aug-2018Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies a Susceptibility Locus for Comitant Esotropia and Suggests a Parent-of-Origin Effect.Shaaban, S; MacKinnon, S; Andrews, C; Staffieri, SE; Maconachie, Gail D. E; Chan, W-M; Whitman, MC; Morton, SU; Yazar, S; MacGregor, S; Elder, JE; Traboulsi, EI; Gottlob, Irene; Hewitt, AW; Strabismus Genetics Research Consortium; Hunter, DG; Mackey, DA; Engle, ECJournal Article
14-Aug-2018Neuroinflammation and ER-stress are key mechanisms of acute bilirubin toxicity and hearing loss in a mouse model.Schiavon, E; Smalley, JL; Newton, S; Greig, NH; Forsythe, IDJournal Article
30-Jun-2016Where is the ball? Behavioral and neural responses elicited by a magic trick.Caffaratti, Hugo; Navajas, Joaquin; Rey, Hernan G.; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
18-Dec-2015Neuronal codes for visual perception and memory.Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
23-May-2016Magic and cognitive neuroscience.Quiroga, Rodrigo QuianJournal Article
1-Jun-2017How Do We Recognize a Face?Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
26-Aug-2017Dissociation between the neural correlates of conscious face perception and visual attention.Navajas, Joaquin; Nitka, Aleksander W.; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
7-Sep-2017Celebrating the quality of our referees.Forsythe, Ian D.Journal Article
26-Mar-2019Editorial: Neuronal Co-transmission.Apergis-Schoute, J; Burnstock, G; Nusbaum, MP; Parker, D; Morales, MA; Trudeau, L-E; Svensson, EJournal Article
8-Feb-2019Qualitative study to identify ethnicity-specific perceptions of and barriers to asthma management in South Asian and White British children with asthma.Lakhanpaul, M; Culley, L; Huq, T; Bird, D; Hudson, N; Robertson, N; McFeeters, M; Manikam, L; Johal, N; Hamlyn-Williams, C; Johnson, MRDJournal Article
11-Jun-2019Pragmatic Influences on Sentence Integration: Evidence from Eye MovementsChen, Lijing; Paterson, Kevin; Li, Xingshan; Li, Lin; Yang, YufangJournal Article
26-Mar-2019The three-spined stickleback as a model for behavioural neuroscience.Norton, William H. J.; Carreño Gutiérrez, HéctorJournal Article
28-Feb-2019Endothelin neurotransmitter signalling controls zebrafish social behaviour.Carreño Gutiérrez, H; Colanesi, S; Cooper, B; Reichmann, F; Young, AMJ; Kelsh, RN; Norton, WHJJournal Article
23-Apr-2019Interhemispheric control of sensory cue integration and self-motion perception.Arshad, Q; Ortega, MC; Goga, U; Lobo, R; Siddiqui, S; Mediratta, S; Bednarczuk, NF; Kaski, D; Bronstein, AMJournal Article
17-Nov-2016Intratympanic methylprednisolone versus gentamicin in patients with unilateral Ménière's disease: a randomised, double-blind, comparative effectiveness trial.Patel, M; Agarwal, K; Arshad, Q; Hariri, M; Rea, P; Seemungal, BM; Golding, JF; Harcourt, JP; Bronstein, AMJournal Article
19-Apr-2019Medical prescribing and antibiotic resistance: A game-theoretic analysis of a potentially catastrophic social dilemma.Colman, Andrew M.; Krockow, Eva M.; Chattoe-Brown, Edmund; Tarrant, CarolynJournal Article
9-Aug-2018Balancing the risks to individual and society: a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative research on antibiotic prescribing behaviour in hospitals.Krockow, EM; Colman, AM; Chattoe-Brown, E; Jenkins, DR; Perera, N; Mehtar, S; Tarrant, CJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 280
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