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11-Jun-2014Clinical validity of the Me and My School questionnaire: a self-report mental health measure for children and adolescents.Patalay, P.; Deighton, J.; Fonagy, P.; Vostanis, Panos; Wolpert, M.Journal Article
20-Oct-2015Perceptual task induces saccadic adaptation by target selection.Schütz, A. C.; Souto, DavidJournal Article
25-Nov-2016Parasitism, personality and cognition in fish.Barber, I.; Mora, A. B.; Payne, E. M.; Weinersmith, K. L.; Sih, A.Journal Article
30-Sep-2016Conditioned reinforcement and backward associationPrével, A.; Riviére, V.; Darcheville, J.; Urcelay, Gonzalo P.Journal Article
12-May-2016Loss of MAFB Function in Humans and Mice Causes Duane Syndrome, Aberrant Extraocular Muscle Innervation, and Inner-Ear Defects.Park, J. G.; Tischfield, M. A.; Nugent, A. A.; Cheng, L.; Di Gioia, S. A.; Chan, W. M.; Maconachie, Gail; Bosley, T. M.; Summers, C. G.; Hunter, D. G.; Robson, C. D.; Gottlob, Irene; Engle, E. C.Journal Article
27-Jun-2016Segregated cholinergic transmission modulates dopamine neurons integrated in distinct functional circuits.Dautan, Daniel; Souza, A. S.; Huerta-Ocampo, I.; Valencia, M.; Assous, M.; Witten, I. B.; Deisseroth, K.; Tepper, J. M.; Bolam, J. P.; Gerdjikov, Todor V.; Mena-Segovia, J.Journal Article
20-Oct-2016The word frequency effect during sentence reading: A linear or nonlinear effect of log frequency?White, Sarah J.; Drieghe, Denis; Liversedge, Simon P.; Staub, AdrianJournal Article
2016Global change, parasite transmission and disease control: lessons from ecologyCable, J.; Barber, Iain; Boag, B.; Ellison, A. R.; Morgan, E.; Murray, K.; Pascoe, E. L.; Sait, S. M.; Wilson, A. J.; Booth, M.Journal Article
13-Oct-2016Association Between Adherence to Glasses Wearing During Amblyopia Treatment and Improvement in Visual Acuity.Maconachie, Gail D. E.; Farooq, S.; Bush, Glen; Kempton, Julie; Proudlock, Frank A.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
19-May-2016Visuospatial Working Memory Mediates Inhibitory and Facilitatory Guidance in Preview SearchBarrett, Doug J. K.; Shimozaki, Steven S.; Jensen, Silke; Zobay, OliverJournal Article
11-Nov-2016Spatio-temporal structure, path characteristics and perceptual grouping in immediate serial spatial recallDe Lillo, Carlo; Kirby, Melissa; Poole, DanielJournal Article
14-Sep-2016Artefactual origin of biphasic cortical spike-LFP correlation.Okun, MichaelJournal Article
2016Predictive value of adherence to glasses wearing during amblyopia treatmentMaconachie, Gail D. E.; Farooq, Shegufta; Bush, Glen; Kempton, Julie; Proudlock, Frank A.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
21-Jul-2016Use, acceptability and impact of booklets designed to support mental health self-management and help seeking in schools: results of a large randomised controlled trial in England.Sharpe, H.; Patalay, P.; Vostanis, Panos; Belsky, J.; Humphrey, N.; Wolpert, M.Journal Article
2-Nov-2016Evaluating the precision of auditory sensory memory as an index of intrusion in tinnitusBarrett, Doug J. K.; Pilling, M.Journal Article
2-Nov-2016Environmental change mediates mate choice for an extended phenotype, but not for mate quality.Head, Megan L.; Fox, R. J.; Barber, IainJournal Article
2016Looking bad: Inferring criminality after 100 msKlatt, T.; Maltby, John J.; Humphries, J. E.; Smailes, Harriet L.; Ryder, Hannah; Phelps, M.; Flowe, H. D.Journal Article
3-Oct-2016The Foundation Programme in psychiatry: a qualitative study into the effects of a foundation placementBoyle, Ann; Davies, Sophie; Dogra, Nisha; Perry, Jennifer; Fosker, HannahJournal Article
28-Sep-2016Effects of Spatial Frequencies on Word Identification by Fast and Slow Readers: Evidence from Eye Movements.Jordan, T. R.; Dixon, Jasmine; McGowan, Victoria A.; Kurtev, Stoyan; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
9-Aug-2016Optic Nerve Head Development in Healthy Infants and Children Using Handheld Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography.Patel, Aarti; Purohit, Ravi; Lee, H.; Sheth, Viral; Maconachie, Gail; Papageorgiou, E.; McLean, Rebecca J.; Gottlob, Irene; Proudlock, Frank A.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100
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