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20-Feb-2017Meaning and barriers to quality care service provision in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Qualitative study of stakeholder perspectivesSvirydzenka, Nadzeya; Ronzoni, Pablo; Dogra, NishaJournal Article
14-Nov-2016Cooperation in repeated interactions: A systematic review of Centipede game experiments, 1992–2016Krockow, Eva M.; Colman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.Journal Article
16-Feb-2017Saturation of long-term potentiation in the dorsal cochlear nucleus and its pharmacological reversal in an experimental model of tinnitusTagoe, Thomas; Deeping, Daniel; Hamann, MartineJournal Article
1-Dec-2016Physiology and anatomy of neurons in the medial superior olive of the mouse.Fischl, M. J.; Burger, R. M.; Schmidt-Pauly, M.; Alexandrova, O.; Sinclair, J. L.; Grothe, B.; Forsythe, Ian D.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, C.Journal Article
23-Nov-2016Maintenance of neuronal size gradient in MNTB requires sound-evoked activit.Weatherstone, J. H.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, C.; Pilati, N.; Wang, Y.; Forsythe, Ian D; Rubel, E. W.; Tempel, B. L.Journal Article
1-May-2015High-Resolution Imaging of the Optic Nerve and Retina in Optic Nerve HypoplasiaPilat, Anastasia; Sibley, Daniel; McLean, Rebecca J.; Proudlock, Frank A.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
7-Feb-2017Short tips delivered ‘in the moment’ can boost positive emotion.Hurling, R.; Murray, P.; Tomlin, C.; Warner, A.; Wilkinson, J.; York, G.; Linley, P. A.; Dovey, G.; Hogan, Rebecca A.; Maltby, John; So, T. T. C.Journal Article
18-Jan-2017Influence of Peer-Based Needle Exchange Programs on Mental Health Status in People Who Inject Drugs: A Nationwide New Zealand StudyHay, B.; Henderson, C.; Maltby, John; Canales, Juan J.Journal Article
1-Feb-2014The prospective role of defeat and entrapment in depression and anxiety: a 12-month longitudinal study.Griffiths, A. W.; Wood, A. M.; Maltby, John; Taylor, P. J.; Tai, S.Journal Article
21-Dec-2015Psychology of game playing: Introduction to a special issueColman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.Journal Article
28-Feb-2016The challenges of amblyopia treatment.Maconachie, Gail D. E.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
25-Mar-2017Reflecting on what ‘you said’ as a way of reintroducing difficult topics in child mental health assessmentsKiyimba, N.; O'Reilly, M.Journal Article
20-Dec-2016Major host transitions are modulated through transcriptome-wide reprograming events in Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasite.Hébert, F. O.; Grambauer, Stephan; Barber, Iain; Landry, C. R.; Aubin-Horth, N.Journal Article
16-Dec-2016Climate change and nesting behaviour in vertebrates: a review of the ecological threats and potential for adaptive responses.Mainwaring, M. C.; Barber, Iain; Deeming, D. C.; Pike, D. A.; Roznik, E. A.; Hartley, I. R.Journal Article
13-Nov-2013Depressiveness in Children and Adolescents: A Cross-cultural Study in Russia and KyrgyzstanMalykh, S.; Belova, A.; Sabirova, E.; Voronin, I.; Gindina, E.; Gaysina, DaryaJournal Article
Jan-2014The effect of font size on reading performance in strabismic amblyopia: an eye movement investigation.Kanonidou, Evgenia; Gottlob, Irene; Proudlock, Frank A.Journal Article
3-Feb-2015Investigating reasoning with multiple integrated neuroscientific methods.Roser, M. E.; Evans, J. S.; McNair, N. A.; Fuggetta, Giorgio; Handley, S. J.; Carroll, L. S.; Trippas, D.Journal Article
7-Dec-2016Inhibitory control of correlated intrinsic variability in cortical networks.Stringer, C.; Pachitariu, M.; Steinmetz, N. A.; Okun, Michael; Bartho, P.; Harris, K. D.; Sahani, M.; Lesica, N. A.Journal Article
7-Dec-2016Phase-Dependent Interactions in Visual Cortex to Combinations of First- and Second-Order Stimuli.Hutchinson, Claire V.; Ledgeway, T.; Baker, C. L.Journal Article
4-Feb-2015Aging effects in cueing tasks as assessed by the ideal observer: peripheral cues.Swan, Eleanor F.; Hutchinson, Claire V.; Everard, Mark; Shimozaki, Steven S.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 122
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