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2-Jun-2016Transcriptome sequences spanning key developmental states as a resource for the study of the cestode Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasiteHébert, François Olivier; Grambauer, Stephan; Barber, Iain; Landry, Christian R.; Aubin-Horth, NadiaJournal Article
Feb-2016The Effect of Salinity on Egg Development and Viability of Schistocephalus solidus (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidea)Simmonds, Natalie E.; Barber, IainJournal Article
20-Feb-2016Oestrogenic pollutants promote the growth of a parasite in male sticklebacksMacnab, Vicki; Katsiadaki, I.; Tilley, Ceinwen A.; Barber, IainJournal Article
27-Oct-2016A Low-Cost Method of Skin Swabbing for the Collection of DNA Samples from Small Laboratory Fish.Breacker, Carl; Barber, Iain; Norton, William H. J.; McDearmid, Jonathan R.; Tilley, Ceinwen A.Journal Article
1-Jun-2016Thermal Change and the Dynamics of Multi-Host Parasite Life Cycles in Aquatic EcosystemsBarber, Iain; Berkhout, Boris W.; Ismail, ZalinaJournal Article
2-Nov-2016Environmental change mediates mate choice for an extended phenotype, but not for mate quality.Head, Megan L.; Fox, R. J.; Barber, IainJournal Article
10-May-2016Copper accumulation by stickleback nests containing spigginPinho, G. L. L.; Martins, C. M.; Barber, IainJournal Article
3-Nov-2016Can the behaviour of threespine stickleback parasitized with Schistocephalus solidus be replicated by manipulating host physiology?Grécias, L.; Hébert, F. O.; Berger, C. S.; Barber, Iain; Aubin-Horth, N.Journal Article
16-Dec-2016Climate change and nesting behaviour in vertebrates: a review of the ecological threats and potential for adaptive responses.Mainwaring, M. C.; Barber, Iain; Deeming, D. C.; Pike, D. A.; Roznik, E. A.; Hartley, I. R.Journal Article
20-Dec-2016Major host transitions are modulated through transcriptome-wide reprograming events in Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasite.Hébert, F. O.; Grambauer, Stephan; Barber, Iain; Landry, C. R.; Aubin-Horth, N.Journal Article