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31-Mar-2009Event-related potentials reveal rapid verification of predicted visual inputDambacher, Michael; Rolfs, Martin; Göllner, Kristin; Kliegl, Reinhold; Jacobs, Arthur M.Journal Article
15-Mar-2014Occipital and orbitofrontal hemodynamics during naturally paced reading: an fNIRS study.Hofmann, Markus J.; Dambacher, Michael; Jacobs, Arthur M.; Kliegl, Reinhold; Radach, Ralph; Kuchinke, Lars; Plichta, Michael M.; Fallgatter, Andreas J.; Herrmann, Martin J.Journal Article
10-Jan-2013Visual adaptation of the perception of causalityRolfs, M.; Dambacher, Michael; Cavanagh, P.Journal Article
30-Apr-2012Stimulus onset asynchrony and the timeline of word recognition: event-related potentials during sentence readingDambacher, Michael; Dimigen, O.; Braun, M.; Wille, K.; Jacobs, A. M.; Kliegl, R.Journal Article
Oct-2013Evidence for direct control of eye movements during readingDambacher, Michael; Slattery, T. J.; Yang, J.; Kliegl, R.; Rayner, K.Journal Article
9-Jan-2013Investigating the speed-accuracy trade-off: better use deadlines or response signals?Dambacher, Michael; Hübner, R.Journal Article
6-Apr-2010The effect of word position on eye-movements in sentence and paragraph readingKuperman, V.; Dambacher, Michael; Nuthmann, A.; Kliegl, R.Journal Article
22-Aug-2008Pseudohomophone effects provide evidence of early lexico-phonological processing in visual word recognitionBraun, M.; Hutzler, F.; Ziegler, J. C.; Dambacher, Michael; Jacobs, A. M.Journal Article
20-Mar-2006Frequency and predictability effects on event-related potentials during readingDambacher, Michael; Kliegl, R.; Hofmann, M.; Jacobs, A. M.Journal Article
14-Sep-2011Eye movements and brain electric potentials during readingKliegl, R.; Dambacher, Michael; Dimigen, O.; Jacobs, A. M.; Sommer, W.Journal Article