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29-Oct-2015Aging and the optimal viewing position effect in ChineseLiu, P.; Liu, D.; Han, B.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
28-Oct-2015Seeing Inscriptions on the Shroud of Turin: The Role of Psychological Influences in the Perception of WritingJordan, T. R.; Sheen, M.; Abedipour, Lily; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
3-Nov-2015Increased Vulnerability to Pattern-Related Visual Stress in Myalgic EncephalomyelitisWilson, Rachel L.; Paterson, Kevin B.; Hutchinson, Claire V.Journal Article
12-Jun-2014Key skills for science learning: the importance of text cohesion and reading abilityHall, Sophie Susannah H; Maltby, John; Filik, Ruth; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
24-Feb-2014Local text cohesion, reading ability and individual science aspirations: Key factors influencing comprehension in science classesHall, Sophie S.; Kowalski, Rebecca Kowalski; Paterson, Kevin B.; Basran, Jaskaran; Filik, Ruth; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
28-Sep-2016Effects of Spatial Frequencies on Word Identification by Fast and Slow Readers: Evidence from Eye Movements.Jordan, T. R.; Dixon, Jasmine; McGowan, Victoria A.; Kurtev, Stoyan; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
Feb-2017Spontaneous re-reading within sentences: Eye movement control and visual samplingWhite, Sarah J.; Lantz, Laura M. T.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
27-Oct-2015Effects of word frequency and visual complexity on eye movements of young and older Chinese readersZang, C.; Zhang, M.; Bai, X.; Yan, G.; Paterson, Kevin B.; Liversedge, S. P.Journal Article
13-Apr-2017Aging and the Optimal Viewing Position Effect in Visual Word Recognition: Evidence from EnglishLi, Lin; Li, Sha; Wang, Jingxin; McGowan, Victoria A.; Liu, Pingping; Jordan, Timothy R.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
18-Jul-2017Investigating the effectiveness of spatial frequencies to the left and right of central vision during reading: Evidence from reading times and eye movementsJordan, Timothy R.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Kurtev, Stoyan; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article