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Dec-2009Conflicts of mobility: Migration, labour and political subjectivitiesAndrijasevic, Rutvica; Anderson, BridgetArticle
2003Building on formal education: Employers' approaches to the training and development of new recruits in the People's Republic of ChinaVenter, KatharineArticle
2002The Evolution of Education and Training Strategies in Singapore, Taiwan and S. Korea: a Development Model of Skill FormationAshton, David N.; Green, F.; Sung, Johnny; James, D.Article
Dec-2009Sex on the move: Gender, subjectivity and differential inclusionAndrijasevic, RutvicaArticle
2007Working space: why incorporating the geographical is central to theorizing work and employment practicesHerod, Andrew; Rainnie, Al; McGrath-Champ, SusanArticle
2002What's so special about small firms? Developing an integrated approach to analysing small firm industrial relationsBarrett, Rowena; Rainnie, AlArticle
2002Explaining Change in National HRD Strategies: The Case of Three Asian TigersAshton, David N.Article
2005The shifting locations of work: new statistical evidence on the spaces and places of employmentFelstead, Alan; Jewson, Nick; Walters, SallyArticle
2006Increasing risk in the scary world of work? Male and female resistance to crossing gender lines in apprenticeships in England and WalesBeck, Vanessa; Fuller, Alison; Unwin, LornaArticle
2005Learning as peripheral participation in communities of practice: a reassessment of key concepts in workplace learningFuller, Alison; Hodkinson, Heather; Hodkinson, Phil; Unwin, LornaArticle