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Title: The choral revival in the Anglican church (1839-1872).
Authors: Rainbow, Bernarr
Award date: 1967
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: The surpliced choir of men and boys occupying facing stalls on either side of the chancel is accepted today as a distinctive traditional feature of Anglican parochial worship. Yet, as recently as the beginning of the nineteenth century, such an institution was unknown outside the cathedrals and a handful of college chapels. The present survey examines the circumstances which led to the introduction of robed choirs in parochial churches, and traces the progress of a movement which led to their eventual general acceptance. Two major influences - the Oxford Movement and the re-introduction of music teaching in the country's 'National' Schools - are found to have been principally responsible. The course of the Choral Revival is traced in three stages: 1839-1851, marking the initial growth of the movement in Tractarian circles; l832-l860, a period of consolidation; and 1861-1872, covering the years in which 'broad' churches also adopted the surpliced choir. During the last of those I stages, changed circumstances are found to have led to the introduction of a counterfeit image of the parochial choir which seriously affected the subsequent course of the movement. The contention which holds that surpliced choirs were originally introduced into parochial services in an endeavour to 'ape the cathedrals' is examined and rejected. As part of that examination, the choral situation in the cathedrals and university chapels of the period is reviewed; and a complementary survey follows of the position in the chapels attached to other collegiate institutions, including the new 'public' boarding schools which were founded during the decade after 1840.
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: Ph.D.
Rights: Copyright © the author. All rights reserved.
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