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Title: UK Country Report iNGenBar Project: Intergenerational Bargaining, Towards Integrated Bargaining for Younger and Older Workers in EU Countries
Authors: Beck, Vanessa
Williams, Glynne
First Published: 2015
Presented at:
Publisher: European Commission
Citation: iNGenBar - Inter-generational Bargaining, 2015
Abstract: Intergenerational bargaining must, in the UK, be understood as an implicit activity because, as will be outlined in the following, the coverage and scope of collective bargaining and social dialogue are limited. This is not to say that issues of age are irrelevant to union activities; on the contrary, there have been a number of union - led campaigns, though the se have tend ed to focus on either older or younger workers. It is nevertheles s important to discuss the specific circumstances of industrial relations and the labour market context in the UK to clarify the parameters within which an intergenerational dimension to bargaining might be possible. In so doing, this report will also cons ider how the relationship between the generations is currently presented and what an ‘intergenerational’ approach might comprise . Before presenting the case studies, the broader political , labour market and industrial relations context will be outlined , al ong with a brief discussion of how recent developments affect older and younger workers and the prospects for a more integrative inter - generational approach. [Taken from introduction]
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Type: Report
Rights: Copyright © The Authors, 2015
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