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Title: p63 the guardian of human reproduction
Authors: Amelio, Ivano
Grespi, Francesca
Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M.
Melino, Gerry
First Published: 19-Nov-2012
Publisher: Landes Bioscience, Taylor & Francis
Citation: Cell Cycle 11:24, 4545–4551; December 15, 2012;
Abstract: p63 is a transcriptional factor implicated in cancer and development. The presence in TP63 gene of alternative promoters allows expression of one isoform containing the N-terminal transactivation domain (TA isoform) and one N-terminal truncated isoform (ΔN isoform). Complete ablation of all p63 isoforms produced mice with fatal developmental abnormalities, including lack of epidermal barrier, limbs and other epidermal appendages. Specific TAp63-null mice, although they developed normally, failed to undergo in DNA damage-induced apoptosis during primordial follicle meiotic arrest, suggesting a p63 involvement in maternal reproduction. Recent findings have elucidated the role in DNA damage response of a novel Hominidae p63 isoform, GTAp63, specifically expressed in human spermatic precursors. Thus, these findings suggest a unique strategy of p63 gene, to evolve in order to preserve the species as a guardian of reproduction. Elucidation of the biological basis of p63 function in reproduction may provide novel approaches to the control of human fertility.
DOI Link: 10.4161/cc.22819
ISSN: 1538-4101
eISSN: 1551-4005
Version: Publisher Version
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
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