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1-Apr-2013Refining and implementing the genomic analysis technique of connectivity mappingSmalley, Joshua LukeThesis
31-Aug-2012Low-threshold potassium currents stabilize IID-sensitivity in the inferior colliculusKarcz, A.; Rübsamen, R.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, CorneliaJournal Article
10-Oct-2012How Do Short-Term Changes at Synapses Fine-Tune Information Processing?Klug, Achim; Borst, J. Gerard G.; Carlson, Bruce A.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, Cornelia; Klyachko, Vitaly A.; Xu-Friedman, Matthew A.Journal Article
16-May-2012HtrA2 deficiency causes mitochondrial uncoupling through the F₁F₀-ATP synthase and consequent ATP depletion.Plun-Favreau, H.; Burchell, V.S.; Holmström, K.M.; Yao, Z.; Deas, E.; Cain, K.; Fedele, V.; Moisoi, Nicoleta; Campanella, M.; Miguel Martins, L.; Wood, N.W.; Gourine, A.V.; Abramov, A.Y.Journal Article
29-Jul-2011Cell death in disease: from 2010 onwardsKnight, R.A.; Melino, G.Journal Article
17-Jan-2013Drosophila Trap1 protects against mitochondrial dysfunction in a PINK1/parkin model of Parkinson's disease.Costa, A.C.; Loh, S.H.Y.; Martins, L. MiguelJournal Article
31-Jan-2013Tumor suppressor WWOX binds to ΔNp63α and sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapySalah, Z.; Bar-mag, T.; Kohn, Y.; Pichiorri, F.; Palumbo, T.; Melino, Gerry; Aqeilan, R.A.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010The C-terminus of p63 contains multiple regulatory elements with different functionsStraub, W. E.; Weber, T. A.; Schafer, B.; Candi, E.; Durst, F.; Ou, H. D.; Rajalingam, K.; Melino, G.; Dotsch, V.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010Cell Death and Disease: a new journal for a central area of pathophysiologyKroemer, G.; Nicotera, P.; Melino, G.Journal Article
1-Jun-2013Nitrergic modulation of voltage-gated calcium channels and neuronal excitabilityTozer, Adam J.B.Thesis